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  1. San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay
    If so, where to apply for it? Can you do it online?
  2. Lyft
    Hey guys ! For any of you veterans here who have been doing lyft (or even uber) for over a year , when do your 1099 forms arrive in the mail , stating all of your earnings for the last year ? Just ask cuz I heard that if you are in the city of L.A. , you can file for an exemption on your taxes...
  3. San Diego
    I was picking up a group of 4 passengers at MB yesterday. At the dead end on Ventura plaza. Between the rollercoaster and the sandbar. There was an extreme amount of traffic and pedestrians crossing the street. I expected my riders to be right in front of the sand bar but when they saw me...
1-4 of 4 Results