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  1. Seattle
    The Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) sent out a reminder Monday that any drivers for Uber, Lyft or other ride-share companies must file a copy of their For-Hire Business License with the airport administration office... https://www.tri-cityherald.com/news/local/article265045644.html
  2. San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay
    Hi guys, I'm a new driver here. I live in Santa Clara and I'm planning to drive part-time and I might be dropping-off and pick-up passengers in and outside of Santa Clara such as San Francisco and San Jose. I understand that I have to apply for a business license and I've been wondering how much...
  3. Atlanta
    I called the city occupation/business license place and got 3 answers. One said no, one said maybe another said to ask uber. Do you guys who just drive for uber have a business license in Atlanta?
  4. Licensed
    It means Uber, Lyft and other TNC Drivers only need a business license in the city they live in, and they are covered for every city in the State.. The city of San Francisco has filed a lawsuit to challenge the validity of the law, but its provisions remain in effect unless a court finds in...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    How much is the cost for the business license in OC for Uber & what will happen if you dont have One and still ubering???
  6. Seattle
    so.. trying to do the Business License.... I think I messed up. They want me to pay $200 for it. Some one help?
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello everyone I’m new and I know they won’t send you LAX pickup Notifications unless you pass that test , but will they send you LAX drop offs? Also what type of insurance do the drives here in Los Angeles have, I see in other states you have to have a business license and a special insurance??
  8. San Francisco
    One License to Rule them all, and in each city Bind Them! Who says Uber Corporate doesn't have our back! "Thank you for showing support for Senate Bill 182. Last Friday, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 182 into law, which represented a big win for drivers in California. The new law ensures the...
  9. San Francisco
    Are we required to have a business license in san francisco? I have read lots of threads from a year ago when drivers were getting letters from the city, but I have not received any letter from them since I started driving in January. Do we still need to get one?
  10. San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay
    I went to pay for the business license in City Hall. The clerk said it's 196$ and there are no adjustments depending on income, no difference at all. I've paid that, but I really can't say anything other than "WHAT THE...??" Guys, what happened? Why it's so high? I was really upset, this is...
  11. Advice
    I was just wondering if anyone knows if I need a business license in Vancouver,Washington,and how much they cost.
  12. Las Vegas
    Hey guys. I just started with Uber this week and wanted to make sure it was a financial benefit before I drop 200 on the license. Can I still do the airport runs? I read in one of these posts that they check credentials. Thanks for taking the time to answer :)
  13. Seattle
    I have been researching this stuff for awhile now and I haven't had any luck so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm trying to apply to drive with Uber and I need to obtain a Tacoma Business License but I have a few questions. For the license name, is it simply just my first and last name...
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Do we need one? Should we have one?
  15. San Francisco
    SFPD is rounding up uber drivers at the Airport and checking your papers. I followed them as they rounded up a group of 20 drivers. In the last instance of the day, they blocked the entrance to the Uber parking lot. Waiting until there was a line of uber drivers all the way to the light...
  16. San Francisco
    I haven't, registered by the deadline. Anyone get theirs yet?
  17. San Francisco
    Hi all, first, why don't the airports recieve surge pricing? On Sunday when the Sharks played, all of SJ was deep red, except the airport, and the only fares I was being offered were from the airport, so I didnt want to take any of those fares... Which leads me to part 2: SJC requires a...
  18. Quad Cities
    There's a big deal in the news right now about San Francisco drivers being required to apply for a business license (and the impact on the independent contractor/employee lawsuit out there). https://uberpeople.net/threads/sf-to-require-lyft-uber-drivers-to-obtain-business-licenses.72540/ I...
  19. Los Angeles & Orange County
    In March it was San Jose. Hakjar on this site reported that drivers at SJC were being ticketed by police for not having a San Jose business license. In April the city treasurer of San Francisco said he has the names and addresses of over 37,000 drivers. Rideshare drivers have 30 days to pay the...
  20. Pay
    In kansas and missouri, you're required to apply for a business license and some other stuff within 30 days of your first trip. If I never do this, will the money I made in that beginning 30 day period get taken away? it's already been deposited into my account, but could uber possibly take it...
1-20 of 24 Results