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  1. Introductions
    Evening, Y'all. Just stopping in to say, "Hello!". Hello! I started driving for Uber about three-weeks ago. So far, so fun. :: shrugs :: Still working out some issues that I see with my vehicle; but, I'm also considering trading up to something that will let me take more than just UberX...
  2. Burlington
    I have to say having an airport queue at BTV is laughable. There is simply not enough demand there to make it worthwhile. I am not sure if the goal is preventing airport surges or not. Perhaps the cabs complained to put it in place? Either way it seems like a trap to me and a waste of time. It...
  3. Burlington
    Surcharges are paid by the rider and passed through by Uber to the driver. They are not affected by the Uber Cut, boosts, surge, or promotions. If the Uber system has not properly credited a surcharge, toll, tip, or mileage to the driver then immediately contact Uber customer support. Trips...
  4. Burlington
    With the students leaving for break I averaged $43 an hour today. I got one on a 4.7x. Hopefully Mardi Gras is good.
  5. Burlington
    Uber promised high demand during college graduations. Did anyone notice higher earnings and increased demand? The main thing I saw was too many drivers on all day preventing any hopes of a sustained surge. There were some brief good moments (including a 3.6x fare) but overall I didn't see an...
  6. Burlington
    Fellow Vermont drivers we can do better than this. As you know the rates were cut twice in less than 6 months making it harder than ever for this gig to be worthwhile. I would encourage you all to stop the battle for $3 rides in downtown Burlington. Work the surge and don't let the surge work...
  7. Burlington
    Any other Burlington drivers here?
1-7 of 7 Results