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  1. Complaints
    Here's the latest example of the incompetence that is Uber: they botched something as easy as a URL. :facepalm: So much fail.
  2. Technology
    As if we needed it, here's even more evidence of the geniuses at work at Uber. This bug has been in play for months: It most definitely isn't nine stops. It's actually four. That's because I accepted it, counted, and then cancelled it. This is another seriously rookie level mistake they've...
  3. Technology
    As if we needed it, here's even more evidence of the geniuses at work at Uber. This textual bug has been in production for at least several weeks: Pretty embarrassing. I wonder how many support calls it's generated so far.
  4. Delivery
    Here's yet another example of how Uber top management is cutting corners on software engineering resources. They're most likely using the absolute cheapest (and likely the least competent) labor and allow insanely rookie mistakes like this latest one. The number of stops (stop count) shown on...
  5. Technology
    Yet another bug/glitch further demonstrating that Uber isn't willing to pay for sufficient software testing resources: Instructions to go offline after trip ends is ignored. I'm still online and it's still calculating just how low my next offer will be or just how far away the next pickup will...
  6. Complaints
    Let's see how long it takes for this new bug to be fixed: Navigation away from "Select next Quest" page is broken because arrow and Done are disabled (blue)
  7. Portland
    Lyft has a bug in their system that shorted my pay yesterday. Confirmed it verbally with them over 2 phone calls and 1 email. They are "working on it". Shorted me in tips and on a surge ride. Watch your pay for this weekend. I thought it was strange that I got paid $0.00 for a 150% surge ride...
  8. Atlanta
    I've been driving between 8am - 5pm this past week, because I can't get out early in the day because of childcare issues. Passenger requests have been extremely slow. I know it's not a great time of day that I'm out, but I'm wondering if there is a bug in the latest partner app. I've noticed...
1-8 of 8 Results