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  1. Buffalo & Rochester
    I am am looking for info from Buffalo and Ontario Niagara Falls drivers. Can I take a ride as passenger with a US passport from Buffalo to Ontario Niagara Falls easily BOTH WAYS? Will I have any issues? Thanks for replies.
  2. Buffalo & Rochester
    Hello fellow Buffalonians, I am originally from Buffalo transplanted to the Chicago area. After seeing what the Eagles fans did to their great city after winning it all I was just wondering what do you think the Bills Mafia will do to Buffalo when we finally win it all?I don't think seeing...
  3. Buffalo & Rochester
    Are there are offline gathering or groups where the ride-share driver community gets together? Sometimes it's easier to meet face-to-face to discuss ideas
  4. Lyft
    Lyft and Uber are both about to service NYC-Suburbs (Long Island and Westchester) for the first time as early as June 29, 2017. They are both signing up new drivers. Lyft and Uber have different requirements. The Lyft requirements for NYC-Suburbs are different than for NY City. While there...
  5. Advice
    I am new to the forms so hello to everyone! I have been doing a lot of research following the signing of the new state budget being signed on Sunday here. I have found that specific guidance will follow in the next 90 days by the DMV here. However I realize that a TLC license is required in...
1-5 of 5 Results