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  1. Philadelphia
    I love to drive and meet new people. Hoping to make some money doing both. I just been approved and plan on hitting the streets this week. From my understanding there is a ton of drivers in the Philly area already. Don't mean to step on people's toes but I need the money lol. Any advice for a noob?
  2. Advice
    I'm sitting here in the northeast (off Rt 63) at 6:30 pm and haven't gotten a ping yet in the 20 minutes I've been here. Thought there would be a higher demand in this area...
  3. Advice
    Hi, I'm a new driver from right outside of Philadelphia, and I'm looking to find out what towns have the highest Uber demand outside the city. I don't want to go into the city because UberX is still illegal there and they still (as far as I know) run sting operations to take down UberX drivers...
1-3 of 3 Results