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  1. Advice
    Every single line for my star rating bar is populated. And last one to be filled was my 2 star tab and feedback i got was every single on i think that was available to be selected.
  2. Complaints
    It is already slow as it is in broward. Please some folks like myself, although its a grind, enjoy doing this rideshare side gig. It's easier to learn english for a non native english speaker than it is to learn another language for a native english speaker. So let us try to be nice to each...
  3. News
  4. Advice
    Wednesday morning is when Lyft & Uber always do the direct deposit. Uber payment is MIA so far. Anyone else?
  5. Advice
    Seriously what if this was possible. Would ride requests go up or down?
  6. Insurance
    I am asking out of curiosity. As if one does this part time how can one afford these rates they're asking a potential client to pay? Insurance is a complete Houdini in my opinion. Money people could save and go on trips and stuff are sent monthly to these companies for security nets that when...
  7. Miami
    I've been driving for uber for a year now. I think i have received 3 promotions in that entire time. It i do 80 rides a week i don't get promos. If i do 10 i don't get any. Do any broward based drivers get promos? Also when you get one can you post it here? There must be 10000 drivers in...
  8. Miami
    Pax at MIA informed me there was a fight FLL on a Spirit flight. A pax and the Pilot got into to and it spilled over into an altercation with several persons being involved. Anybody witness anything that looked like a commotion? Anybody see BSO scramble for the airport in a hurry?
  9. Miami
    I got a letter in the mail saying they caught me running a red with the camera sometime back. Somehow I lost the letter with the payment option info. I go to Broward County's website to try and pay it there (infraction was in Broward). Can't find anything on the website. I call Broward County...
  10. Miami
    Hi everyone! I wanted to share a resource w those of you who might not be aware of it, the Shell rewards program, IT'S NOT A CREDIT CARD it's available by downloading their App. I was shocked this morning to see that the gas station I've buying had at for $2.05 this morning jacked up the price...
  11. Miami
    Curious to hear from others. I've been around west Broward and then made my way towards fort Lauderdale and nothing!!!! How are others doing???
  12. Miami
    I'm a new driver, female, been on the road 4 days now and it's been beyond disappointing. I have not been getting rides and have very quickly learn earned that south Florida is saturated with drivers and the demand is low right now. Does anyone disagree? I Have a lux suv and have been...
  13. Miami
    Just got this email from Lyft... I think I might just stop driving until the high season starts again Competitive Strategy Update With colleges on break, summer can be a slower season for rides - and we've got all hands on deck to help. We know from testing prices in the past that...
  14. Miami
    Are there any twitter hashtags, lists or groups in south Florida where drives can comunicate in real realtime?
  15. News
    SAN FRANCISCO - Tensions have long simmered between Uber and its drivers who power the ride-hailing service. Drivers held protests when Uber cut fares with little warning and have filed class-action lawsuits to be recognized as company employees rather than independent contractors. Uber is...
  16. Lyft
    I got this response after I had a Pax bring to my car 2 small childer (one of them child seat age), after I told the Pax I couldn't take them I closed the ride & reported to Lyft in case he was going to complain about me refusing a ride ===================================== T... (Lyft) May...
  17. Lyft
    Did anyone else got this email??? Lyft Supports You People have a lot of opinions about tipping. With the recent news about Uber's choice not to support tips for drivers, we wanted to share why Lyft thinks differently. We started Lyft with the idea of building a community that takes care...
  18. Miami
    https://medium.com/@UberPubPolicy/our-approach-to-tipping-aa0074c0fddc#.9zxi0a4jt Uber Under the Hoodyesterday2 min read Our approach to tipping Last week, we settled two class-action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts. As part of that settlement, we agreed to clarify our approach to...
  19. Miami
    I know there has been a lot of back and forth about car insurance and if you will or will not be covered if something happens. My question is how many people have a separate life insurance policy? I’ve only seen a few other posters mention it. With a policy costing about a tank of gas per...
1-20 of 25 Results