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  1. New York City
    My car became a victim recently. I got it fixed but obviously my new qt glass doesnt have the diamond sticker on it... Do I NEED to head to the tlc insepction spot? (Keyword is need) What are the consequences for driving without it?
  2. San Francisco
    Woke up to go to work aaaaaaand that's why we can't have nice things. Items stolen: 3 assorted USB Chargers and aux cord Items not stolen: 2 Dashcams, $7 Cash, Uber Beacon
  3. New York City
    My car was broken into last night. They broke a window and took my phone and a couple other stuff. I never leave my phone in the car, but last night I did and this is what happened, however I need your advice. The window guys transfered the base sticker onto the new window, and now it says...
  4. Orlando
    What the holly [email protected]#$*! I'm out about $500, and the shop won't have ready for a few days. Which means I won't be ubering (is that even a word?) until then. I've already reported him, is there anything else I can do to royally screw him over. He was long gone before the cops could show up, they...
  5. Stories
    Hello, I'm in Portland, Oregon and recently had someone target me as an Uber driver. It was definitely Uber related as nothing was stolen, and they broke three windows. Someone (a POS taxi driver) is logging in as a rider and not hailing Uber rides, but using the app to find car locations...
1-5 of 5 Results