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  1. Brisbane
    Not enough drivers to trick into doing unprofitable jobs hey Uber. Uber will use every trick in its unlimited book of tricks to not pay you this referral fee. Just show us where the f#%k their going in the request Uber you con artist’s!
  2. Brisbane
    Decline, decline, decline!!! We dont want this, what a fu#%n joke Uber... How the waybill going to show quote amount for this? Its just going to wind up like reservation trips, zero drivers accepting them because we cant see quote amount.
  3. Brisbane
    Good morning/evening everyone Because I always feel I'm oppressed as ride-share driver !! Didi just sent me a message which makes me feel so good. Why Yesterday I've got trip 4.5KMs, In very busy area, and the rider was thinking it's my fault to go throw busy route!!, and I was actually just...
  4. Brisbane
    Warming: This is long story !! Of course Hi everybody !! I woke up 08:00 PM from my deep sleeping and I got ready to my work which is Ride-share driver In Brisbane city. I've got some normal trips on Uber and other rider-share apps, and everything was alright, (I'm smiling/Laughing and write...
  5. Brisbane
    Anyone in Brisbane notice the lack of surge this long weekend? Those silly buggers at Uber messing with things??
  6. Brisbane
    So is Ola similar to Shebah? It seems passengers with “certain sounding last names” cancel on drivers with last names that don’t “sound” like theirs?? Out of 20 rides 15 have been canceled by people with “certain sounding last names” that I suspect have arrived to watch the cricket... Anyone...
  7. Brisbane
    Been turning Ola on was doing ok then noticed I seem to be getting trolled by other drivers. Arrive at location no one at location unable to get cancelation fee so I just start job and end job giving client 1 star and bad behaviour. What else you meant to do??
  8. Brisbane
    Ola seems to give you an influx of jobs the stops it in a hope you leave the stickers up for Uber passengers to see. I remove my Ola stickers until they give me a job, no free advertising from me!
  9. Brisbane
    Cancel on these selfish restaurants who expect drivers to risk fines & safety trying to pick up meals. Charboys In Edward Street is a prime example! Who expects to deliver from this dangerous location? Crazy!!
  10. Brisbane
    I the rematch king! I request myself twice today, from DFO to airport. On both time I get rematch! Not bad for $16 (2 x min fare to myself). I make $250 in 6hr while the sucker wait in air park....
  11. Brisbane
    My passengers seem to be messaging & calling more before pick up. I like the message but the call is annoying!
  12. Brisbane
    looks like those Brisbane Uber drivers are at it again on tonight’s episode (Monday 29th) Uber driver slamming seems to be a hobby for some...
  13. Brisbane
    So far I have dropped over the past three days 8 people at the airport and got the new quick turnaround 7 times. So now when I start I set my two destinations a day to Brisbane domestic When I get a ping and it's to the airport , I start driving out and then the turnaround happens . It is...
  14. Brisbane
    If you do t make money today , you ain’t breathing . 1 Octoberfest on 2 Apac prescilla queen of the desert 3 triffid band on 4 Eaton Hilo’s hotel band on and sold out 6000 people 5 The Tivoli Band on Plus the Saturday night mayhem and bit to forget our airport What your target is...
  15. Brisbane
    There's also a Big gay john
  16. Brisbane
    Please list restaurants to avoid. Let’s help one another to avoid these costly jokes of poor customer service - 1. Fitzenburger, Petrie Terrace (1 cook on during lunch rush. Waits until you arrive to start).
  17. Brisbane
    If you thought the food delivery on Uber was crowded with drivers, rest assured Foodoras closure will now mean those bike riders will be now chasing more UberEats and Deliveroo. -------------------- Foodora to cease Australian operations FOODORA is getting out of the Australian food fight...
  18. Brisbane
    I pick up passenger, they going to city :-( I was hoping for Gold Coast. Never mind me still a winner!. I driving along Airport Drive and turn phone off and say to passenger "my phone die, oh no, but I remember address it all ok" so I drop passenger off in city then off I go back to airport but...
  19. Brisbane
    Got a ping, 1.5surge, accepted of course. One second later Ola pings and it was just a reaction to accept. Whoops! Now I got two jobs so I head to the Uber customer thinking along the way how I’m gonna get away with this. I arrive at my Uber customer and he hops in I say “thanks for requesting...
  20. Brisbane
    Hi all. Last night (Sat 26.05.18) I was punched in the chin by one of my rider's friends who sat on the front seat for trying to close the window. When I asked them to leave the car he threatened to kick the sh.. out of me so I drove them to the city. I picked up three guys whom later I found...