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  1. Brisbane
    Just posted on the Courier Mail. But apparently I read we should wait till March as it will pick up. And also Taxis will disappear and open a huge gap in passengers needing rides. What a banana! -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  2. Brisbane
    Hi Everyone, We are looking for more drivers to join us in Brisbane so we thought we might give the forum another whirl. Who are Get Picked Up? We originally started as a Limousine/Hire Car operation and have operated in all capital and main cities in Australia for the past 4 years. Since the...
  3. Brisbane
    I've been driving Uber for over a year now and since Sept 2015 making decent money has plummeted. Sure you get lucky days but at 2:30am Sun 23rd Jan 2016 I counted 30 Ubers in the valley. I've been doing this long enough to know how to look on the app to avoid ghosting or the way Uber shuffles...
1-3 of 3 Results