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  1. Boston
    After sitting in 5 hours of RedSox/rush hour traffic I am seriously considering switching to the graveyard shift. I go to ASU and between freelance work, school work and driving I need to make $$$, NOT sit in traffic. Anyone out there do the 10pm-5am shift? Is it fairly busy? Is it safe?
  2. Boston
    Uber eats deactivated my account after 4915 deliveries in 9 months saying that I have lost the ability because of fraudulent activity or abuse!!! I called them and I explained to them that I believe the action is in error but nothing was resolved .
  3. Advice
    I live in Vermont. Boston, Ma is 2 hrs away. Is it worth it for me to drive there and work all day? I need money and i have to go somewhere busy today... Thanks
  4. Stories
    Hello, I reside in Boston, Massachusetts, and I was doing ubereats around the Waltham area this morning. I had a delivery for finagle a bagel in auburndale MA. There was no parking and I didn’t wanna park far, so I parked in handicapped spot, because I know it’ll be a few seconds and plus there...
  5. Boston
    (1) Lower rate of pay. (2) Likely to receive lower rating. (3) Less likely to receive a tip (4) When you drop off the first rider you might find that the next riders location is miles away and it’s the same place as your first pick up so you driver back (5) Much more likely to have some...
  6. Boston
    Here is how you make $300 a day with the new Uber rates... First, you must drive WITH A PAX IN YOUR VEHICLE for 8 hrs straight. Maybe you’ll be lucky and drive Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy MUST BE in your vehicle on-app for the full 8 hours and you MUST DRIVE EXACTLY 30 mph. .66 /mile X 30 mph X 8...
  7. Boston
    Well, after 2 full days of 10 useless emails exchanges with Uber Support, a supervisor tonight finally admitted their CSR responses were filled with WRONG info. Here's my initial complaint in a nutshell: Monday night I picked up $23 surge at Logan and dropped off pax in Kenmore Sq. $23 flat fee...
  8. Boston
    So I have been on the platform for a few months now, and money has been pretty decent, and most rides have been solid. Given this, I still feel like these are things I need to learn and understand when it comes to getting the most out of my drives. I have a few questions (and I'm open to all...
  9. Boston
    i drive in boston and yesterday i got a text and now its on my uber app so i signed up quick it said uber was doing a summer special and for all of next week I was able to keep the total amount of every fare meaning uber isnt taking a cut at all for next week so I signed up right then, just...
  10. Boston
    hey guys I'm new to the forum and like to know your opnion . I picked a rider at south station today going to allston on a pool. his rating was 4.5 . right after another pool came up for a girl at 4.3 rating. I accepted and pick her up couple of blocks later . she enter the car at 11 am saying...
  11. Boston
    Hi guys, About me: So Im just moved to Boston and I love it. I have worked as a cab driver before and I liked it, I like talking to people and driving around. So I was hopping to start working for Uber here in Boston. What advise do you fellow Bostonian uber drivers have for me? Situation...
1-11 of 11 Results