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  1. Autonomous
    Daimler is calling its service an "automated shuttle," but it's not referring to some blobby, slow-moving van. It's going to start out using a fleet of S-Class luxury sedans and B-Class hatchbacks, with long-term plans for vehicles designed for autonomous driving, like the F 015 "Luxury in...
  2. Autonomous
    The March to the future continues: With their array of onboard sensors, potential future self-driving cars will generate massive amounts of data. Volkswagen Group of America is teaming up with suppliers Bosch, Continental, Nvidia, and Aquantia to form the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV)...
  3. Autonomous
    http://jalopnik.com/daimler-and-bosch-create-autonomous-parking-garage-to-i-1797189407 July 24 2017 by Ryan Felton Daimler And Bosch Create Autonomous Parking Garage To Imagine A Valet Service Of The Future Photo: Daimler Parking is a tedious task, and frankly most humans just aren't very good...
1-3 of 3 Results