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  1. Chatter
    I've been negative lately, so I've been trying to lighten up. You win the if you complete the passenger list first. Have you ever gave a ride to a Acrobat Ballerina Con artist Dare devil Egg farmer Florist Guitarist Hypnotist Intern Jehovas Witness Knitter Lab Technician Mentalist Overhead...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    I am so bored right now. Lol
  3. Washington DC
    Never understood how you could support the prick who won the election running on a racist anti-immigrant platform and YET you want yo use Uber/Lyft, come on, you know most drivers are immigrants and prob hate or are afraid of the orange clown. Night 1. I get this ping from Penn ave . They...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Want more tips now? You've tried the rest: pleasant salutations, aux cords, free crap, driving like a maniac, not driving like a maniac, happy endings and foot rubs. But it doesn't work does it? Now, try the best! I've developed a surefire process to earn mowr tips and I'm excited to offer it...
  5. Tampa
    At my desk job on Gaspirilla Saturday, bored to tears as I watch the surge ebb and flow. I don't get off till 3, and sure hope to see alot of red on my screen then!
  6. New Jersey
    If business doesn't pick up, I may have to take up my needlework again... Anyone need a scarf? LMAO
  7. New Jersey
    ... we all need to quit!