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  1. Advice
    Hello, I am new to using the instant pay feature: I have two questions and it's regarding a statement made by Uber in its help section under Instant Pay. Uber makes the following statement: "Earnings Boost incentives and high fares under review or fares under review for improper use are not...
  2. San Francisco
    I recently went back and investigated ALL of my trips in trip history. To discover UBER periodically did not apply the guaranteed boost to trips going back 6 months when I first started driving. There's over 40 ! I dig deeper within the histories of UBER fee's. On my recent history page any...
  3. Surge
    I noticed just this morning one of my fares did not process the correct surge amount. I realized this because I managed to secure 2 surge pickups within the "1.5" marked areas on the map. One processed, the other did not. I disputed it and was surprised to see a quick response from Uber...
1-3 of 3 Results