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  1. Washington DC
    Today's a federal holiday. D.C. is a government town. When the feds are off, a lot of ancillary businesses are too. What does this mean for demand for Uber? Jackshit. So what does Uber do witb Boosts for afternoon rush hour? Big Boosts in the city, like this: What does Uber do the rest of...
  2. Washington DC
    4:58 and nice little Surge. Leaving them off until 5:00 for the (diminished) Boost and rush hour bonus to kick in.
  3. Washington DC
    You have 1.9X Boost for upper N.W. D.C. and 1.2X/1.3x in Adams Morgan and that festering shthole of Connecticut Avenue between M Street and Dupont Circle. Uber's run by Simple Jacks that are only slightly more intelligent than the complete Warrens running Lyft. Screw a goat Dara
  4. Washington DC
    Even though Boosts are shit, Uber's not showing them. Several trips haven't shown Boost. I've been having fun berating Rohit for this. Check your trips to make sure you get your Boost
  5. Washington DC
    Brilliant . I love rain surge. #UberFail
  6. Advice
    Hi all, so uber has not paid me my boost incentive going on 4 weeks. When I message them I get one of two answers. The first is that it will be adddd to my next earnings statement - for 3 weeks in a row it wasn't added and I was paid nothing. When I ask why I'm just told that it'll be on the...
  7. Washington DC
    I got this ping last night. I got a bonus of 0.0000000000000002 surge. I should submit a ticket saying I am missing that extra 0.0000000000000002 of Boost and see what Rohit and the gang do. Also I can't describe exactly how much I despise the new ping format.
  8. Boston
    if they could push back this consecutive boost by a week or 2 that would be awesome. Maybe if they did uber snowmobile rides but tues- thurs this week are going to be horable to drive. I guess the people with great 4x4 and snow tires are going to be making bank this week. I'm a part time driver...
1-9 of 9 Results