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  1. Canberra
    Starting this week, Uber has stopped showing the 55 cents booking fee in the driver’s trip summary.
  2. Melbourne
    Looks like Uber are not showing the +/- .55c booking fees on each job anymore. I thought it was the updated Android app buts it on the partner portal as well. I'm sure it was showing them yesterday #confused
  3. Portland
    Uber raised booking fee 40 cents, I assume Lyft will follow suit. On minimum rides in the city, the numbers look like this: Rider pays $7.80 .50 to City 3.55 to U/L 3.75 to driver Outside city limits: Rider pays $7.30 3.55 to U/L 3.75 to driver
  4. Taxes
    ...does it list what those were?? This last year was my 1st one driving for ol' Travis & Uber... and the first one I understand that they allowed tips. Now, those are clearly labeled on Lyft's 1099, but of course, Uber doesn't give you a 1099 (unless you make like over $10,000). I THINK...
  5. New York State
    Lyft pays better than Uber in Upstate-NY, for individual trips, even though their rates are similar. Unfortunately, Lyft generates far fewer requests per hour. :( Lyft is suggested as a supplement for Uber everywhere in the region except NJ, where Lyft is more popular. Please reply with info...
  6. Rockland & Westchester
    In adjacent Upstate-NY, Lyft effectively pays more than Uber for identical minimum fare trips and perhaps others as well. Even though the published rates are almost identical, this is because For new drivers (6/2017), the Lyft Cut is 25%, where the Uber Cut is 30%. Lyft does not always deduct...
  7. Advice
    There is a program in my state called uber x livery, it is pretty much the same as regular uber x, however you Keep the booking fee as part of your earning, in order to qualify for it you need to have a commercial insurence,just like a limo, which covers the passanger in case of an accident, it...
  8. New Jersey
    Can you confirm the actual amounts, and they are set, not variable?
  9. Canberra
    If you provided your ABN to Uber, you remain eligible to receive a payment of five cents for each booking fee of 55 cents to compensate you for the GST payable on the booking fee. Uber completely recoups the booking fee from you so this compensation payment is important. You will find that...
  10. Sydney
    I drove uberX for the first time this financial year yesterday and had a look at the partner portal today to try and reconcile the Tax invoice issued on my behalf to the rider to the pay statement and ultimately the amount I will receive for that ride. The Rider invoice states Fare $44.85...
  11. New Jersey
    UPDATED information here. _______ You may already know that Uber increased their Booking Fee nationwide on July 8, 2017. Drivers do not get any piece of the booking fee. :mad: This was the 3rd increase in 2017. Not all locations received the same increase. NY State outside of NYC was opened up...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Attached screenshot shows Uber giving itself a bigger cut of passenger fares starting today in Los Angeles. I suppose that this action will surprise few. 180 days of change indeed. Uber please die.
  13. Pay
    An alert on the Uber app says the booking fee in Charlotte North Carolina is going up by $.40 - this is the second time this year Uber has raise the booking fee. What about love for the drivers???
  14. Complaints
    Uber raised booking fees here in Nashville, TN .50 on XL and .30 on X. This goes in to effect 07/08/2017. It seems that Uber would try to pass some of its fee increases on to the rider instead of passing the total increase on to the drivers. For every driver incentive Uber gives it counters it...
  15. Pay
    Here is a break down of a typical ride for me: Base fee: $0.75 Distance:(2.11 mi*$0.9075/mi) $1.91 Time:(6.30 min*$0.1125/min) $0.70 Min Fare Supplement $0.16 My earnings: $3.52 Fare details: Rider Pays: $6.80 Uber Receives: Service...
  16. Buffalo & Rochester
    Upstate-NY is all of NY State north of NYC-Suburbs (Westchester County, Rockland County, and Long Island). Rates in all of Upstate-NY, from Buffalo to Binghamton to Albany, appear to be the same. Uber is new in Upstate-NY so there are few expectations. It may be useful to compare rates in nearby...
  17. Complaints
    I don't understand where they get off thinking they can change stuff around anytime they feel like it. Last I checked they take out 25% that's it. I never signed anything stating I accept anything different. So could someone explain this image please
  18. San Francisco
    Did anyone else happen to notice Uber is now deducting the full booking fee out of your final payout? Remember in February when they raised the booking fee and promised the driver would never pay the additional $ they are charging? Well they're doing it now.. The full $1.75 is coming out of...
  19. Taxes
    UBER may not want to do it so drivers don't realized the very low earning or loses per hour or per mile and: RATES NEEDS TO BE: $3 base, $1/mile and $0.5/min NO LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE Earnings of UBER are too high; and prices to riders are too low .... drivers are loosing. FOLLOWING IS WHAT...
1-20 of 31 Results