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  1. Las Vegas
    I live in Denver and the trip promotions have been about $370 Mon-Thurs (80 trips) and about $195-$240 for Fri-Sun (60 trips). I was considering moving to Vegas next week. Do they have similar promotions in Las Vegas? Can anyone check please?
  2. Washington DC
    Didn't drive last week but today I saw Uber gave me a $100 bonus on Monday not complaining just wondering what it was for...anyone else get a bonus??
  3. Lyft
    Checking my Lyft app this morning and in the weekly schedule I see ZERO Bonuses; mof, Tuesday they don't even offer stupid points! Is it a bug of some kind? Has it come to this? For a company with a massive driver shortage, kinda seems like they're treating existing driver like Shit. No?
  4. Surge
    Hey guys! It's my first topic here so please excuse me if i have done something wrong. Since last month i was only working for Eats. In my area, uber only gives like x1.3 or 1x4 on busy times. Last month i have started with Drive, so now i am able to see surge for rides too, going up to 20$...
  5. Lyft
    You know those Promotional efforts of Lyft, where you get a sign on code, and you’re guaranteed $__.___ dollars, if you complete 100 rides, etc. Has anybody experienced any type of generosity whereas they came close and still got the bonus? (or partial bonus?)... or are they super strict with...
  6. Miami
    Got a SMS message from Lyft stating: Earn $15 for every three rides from 12am to 1am, 5/27/20. They would have been better off just giving tomorrow as a priority day. Now all they have done is insulted my intelligence.
  7. Complaints
    I’m furious. This morning I was pursuing a $25 bonus streak on Lyft. Made it to the 3rd passenger who comes to my car with 3 very small children. I asked how old they were and she said “4”. Then I asked if she had car seats. Of course she didn’t. I canceled the ride after explaining to her that...
  8. Complaints
    More bonuses? What you talking about, Lyft? You haven't offered a bonus in this market since NYE 2018!!!
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Here's a good example of new reality. Lyft charged passenger almost x2 surge price and paid me 1.67 as a "bonus". Scammers!
  10. London
    Wondering if people would be interested to earn 1% cashback on all their fuel purchases? There is a company that I know that is about to launch something like this - wanted to know how big the take up might be. They will even give you £5 for free to test out the product... Cheers L
  11. Canberra
    What's going on?
  12. San Diego
    Hi guys. Just wanted to post my experiences with the Fair/Uber program in San Diego, CA. I've been driving my car into the ground (2015 Honda Civic) so I started looking into alternatives. The premise of this program certainly fit the bill but getting to the point I'm at now hasn't been a bed...
  13. Atlanta
    Soooo who's saying F*** that new streak BS??? For sure i am. I'm still driving. Just not chasing 5 extra dollars for taking the next 3 rides that come to me under the promise that they'll give me A WHOLE FIVE BUCKS for doing 3 rides. I'm not doing multi-pool (a pool ride where i stop and pick up...
  14. Lyft
    I turned on a destination filter while in a personal power zone, and immediately the demand heat maps and power zone disappeared. I didn't end up getting a ride so I don't know whether I would've gotten the bonus or not. I called support who claimed that I'd still get personal power zone bonus...
  15. San Francisco
    I don't usually chase CTBs unless there's a decent amount. Yesterday afternoon, as I was finishing up driving and heading home the CTB was $17 and I decided to give it a go. Picked up my first rider from Palo Alto Sheraton and took them to downtown. After hanging out there for about 15 minutes...
  16. Miami
    So I have only gotten one personal bonus(during art basel) offered to me since lyft stopped offering power driver bonus. (and 2 streak offers) and no other bonuses. Yesterday I was on the phone with a nice/actually seemed knowledgeable customer service representative and he said O there have...
  17. Washington DC
    So DC has the shaded areas that used to mean prime time but there’s apparently no more bonus in there. I know there’s the bonus zones where it builds but what’s the deal with the shaded areas now?
  18. Complaints
    You want to be a good driver. You don't cancel rides. You are nice to customers and your ratings are great. Why does Uber make it so hard on you? You drive 10 to 12 hours a day to get the bonus at the end of the weekend or the week. Oops! You got a ride out of Los Angeles county! Your rides do...
  19. Toronto (Ontario)
    Amusing bit of proactive administration on LYFT's part. TL;DR **ADVANCED WARNING** There is no plot twist or drama in the story below. After getting on top of a head-cold I was fighting, I turned the app on at about 10pm last night. I got about 1 minute away after being about 1 hour online...
1-20 of 116 Results