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  1. London
    Many times they quote a price for a job and pay less at the end. I complained few times but keep getting generic copy-paste style messages and go nowhere with them. Daylight robbers. Watch out from this company
  2. Complaints
    Several times I got a quote for a job which I accepted and got paid less at the end of the job. When I file a complaint to Bolt they just send generic copy/paste messages and will never rectify their mistake. Watch out from this company
  3. London
    What car would be best for private Hire and why, all Ulez exempt, cheap parts and Maintainence ? 2017 vauxhall Insignia 1.6 Diesel, 41 Real MPG 2017 Hyundai Ioniq petrol/Hybrid, 45 - 60 real MPG 2017 Toyota Corolla petrol/hybrid, 45-50 MOG
  4. London
    Hi Guys & Gals, I’m new to the whole PH thing (I started in January), being a full time postgrad student, I thought it would be great flexibility as I studied. I didn’t really manage to get into the flow of it all when this pandemic hit and now I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’ve got no...
  5. Sydney
    Hey guys I started three weeks ago driving for Bolt in Sydney and haven't been paid yet I followed up with them and for the past week they were saying we have paid you it is going to be in your account soon. Then they said talk to your bank maybe they are holding it back. I called my bank and...
  6. London
    These bast#rds are taking the piss. Blocked my account because I've been declining jobs that are out of my set radius or a non surge job while im in the centre of RED surge. Spoke to a chap called andrew who said its a permanent block! How is this company even trading against self employment...
  7. London
    What do you prefer? Bolt is started to take the P#SS because of blocking access due to not accepting jobs (what about self employment rights though?) Surely matter of time till they learn their lesson too. Only advantage thats keeping me on Uber is the fact you can see where the job is going...
  8. London
    There have been a number of new operators entering the UK recently. Among this list are ViaVan, Bolt and Kapten. But how well are they doing vs Uber? The private hire community was asked to pick their favourites and the results are now out! View the results! >...
  9. London
    Hi Guys! Recently I have registered for the Bolt app. I have noticed that customers will be able to see our address according to the picture below. Imagine that a trip goes really bad with a psychopath and he/she will visit you next day... I think that is a big safety issue for drivers if that...
  10. London
    If you haven't signed up to BOLT yet, I recommend you do! You get 7.5% commission for two months if you have you account activated by friday! They seem like a pretty good alternative to Uber and Kapten - went in last week and the staff were great!
  11. London
    So Hopp have rebranded to Bolt it seems! Went along this morning to sign up - they're rocking a pretty good offer! 7.5% commission for the first 2 months as long as you sign up by the 7th June and then it's going to be 15% which still seems good as a new driver!
  12. News
    https://qz.com/africa/1568416/uber-rival-taxify-changes-name-to-bolt-adds-scooters/ Given our ambition to solve transportation problems on an increasingly broader scale, we want the brand to reflect the company's future rather than the past," said Bolt CEO and co-founder, Markus Villig in an...
  13. Lyft
    GM's self driving acquisition Cruise have been doing some serious testing of their new Lyft Chevy Bolt EVs around SFs Potrero Hill the last few months, now they're crawling around out there every day leading lines of annoyed drivers around before they toodle home to their repair shop at 1000...
1-13 of 13 Results