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  1. Minneapolis
    Friends, If you live in Hennepin County District 5 (Bloomington, Richfield & Eden Prairie). VOTE FOR Boni Njenga is a candidate for the Hennepin County Board of Commissioner, District 5 (Bloomington, Richfield, & Eden Prairie). Website : http://www.boninjenga.com/ facebook: fb.me/BoniNjenga4d5...
  2. Bloomington, IN
    Anyone driving in Bloomington ? hows it been
  3. Bloomington, IN
    Hello fellow Uber drivers, I was curious what y'all's experience had been with Uber on Thursday nights. If you do go, do you have to wait till the bars close? I have seen it a few times where they have quests, however, sometimes they don't. I wanted to get an idea if anyone else had had...
  4. Bloomington, IN
    I was wondering if I could drive in Indy for the race, even though I drive in Bloomington? I have heard that I can't ride in other cities, I was just wondering if I could drive in other cities in the state or not at all? Thanks to those who answer.
  5. Minneapolis
    Yes, I know you make much more money driving and UE is a rip off, etc, etc, but I am a terrible driver and don't want strangers in my car. Anyways, I guess I'm curious about people's different strategies, I have definitely been able to make some good cash doing this but I'm all about...
  6. Peoria
    I drive in Bloomington-Normal in the school year where I make very good wages when driving the Thursday, Friday, Saturday bar shift during the school year. Now that it's summer, I'm averaging $15 an hour, which compared to the school year, that's super low. Is the bar shift in Peoria any...
  7. Minneapolis
    I live in West Bloomington. It is time for me to renew my car inspection. The last time was done a Bobby & Steves, but the price seemed high. Can you recommend a place that performs these inspections for a good price?
  8. Chicago
    I'm meeting with a State Representative to advocate on our behalf. As a suburban driver I am concerned about how a city of 2.8 million dictates the regulations of an area with 10 million. As many of you know I helped organize a group of drivers with mixed success. I am sort of proud of the...
  9. Chicago
    I got a request from OHARE and the pax called right away to let me know it was a trip to Bloomington/Normal, IL - (3 riders). Pax said 2 other uber canceled the trip once they found out the distance. I was thankful that pax was considerate enough to call me before I got there. It was over a 2...
  10. Indianapolis
    Hello everyone, I was thinking about traveling from Indy to Bloomington to Uber this weekend.. do you think it will be worth it? Who else plans to Uber this weekend in Bloomington??
1-10 of 10 Results