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  1. London
    These bast#rds are taking the piss. Blocked my account because I've been declining jobs that are out of my set radius or a non surge job while im in the centre of RED surge. Spoke to a chap called andrew who said its a permanent block! How is this company even trading against self employment...
  2. Flex
    Is anyone else noticing there are literally NO blocks being posted for available hours? I’ve been checking all week and nothing is popping up. I’ve even switched my vehicles from standard to large and nothing. I emailed support and they said it shows I’m still active. Anyone else experiencing...
  3. New York City
    I picked up a a cheap ass lady from brooklyn. She ordered pool and her dop off was at 57st Madison Ave. I was heading towards her drop off and then two riders automatically added in the pool. She kept asking me whom am i was going to drop off and then she complainted about that i was driving...
  4. Flex
    I just started a couple of weeks back. The only reason I've been able to sign up for blocks is because I've gotten lucky and been checking my app throughout the day. I've read that most cities release blocks at 10pm for the next day, I've yet to be able to see any blocks at 10pm. Does anyone...
  5. Houston
    Since uber has the ability to locate and block areas, and warn drivers without tnc license not to pickup in Houston. Then they should warn riders at school addresses needing rides from/to about policy of minors. I have to cut my schedule down to 4am-6am then 9am-12pm. Then head to business...
  6. Complaints
    I have been driving on the uber platform for a year now and have not really had any issues with passengers much, except for a couple of incidents where I had to claim for cleaning. I've also had good feedback from riders and also have been in the top 1%. I'm mostly a full time driver but for...
  7. Flex
    Hey guys, Maybe this question was asked and answered already but didn't see it. If I forfeit a block, will the block be available right away? Like if I release a block at 1am per se, will it be available to be picked up by another driver if he checks his app?
  8. Flex
    Was everyone able to grab a block for tomorrow? I loaded the app right at 10, but nothing happened -- as if it wasn't 10 yet. I've been having problems with my app all weekend.
  9. Flex
    I know it’s not instant because I grabbed far more blocks from manual refreshes than from notifications.
  10. Flex
    I just got this email from Amazon Flex Dallas. $25 hourly instead of $18 hourly tomorrow. Did anyone else get that email below? It's nice to know they increase payouts on busy days. Many delivery opportunities tomorrow - earn $100 per block! We're expecting many deliveries tomorrow, June...
1-10 of 11 Results