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  1. Dallas
    I’m moving from the SF Bay Area to Dallas soon. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. - Are there any extra Permits necessary to drive there like airport permit or TCP numbers?- I know it’s probably not as busy as the Bay Area, but is it decent, do you get enough pings during the...
  2. Vehicles
    https://www.engadget.com/2016/03/18/uber-100000-mercedes-s-class/ I remember uber ordered 100,000 black on black autonomous Mercedes Benz S550s but why havent we seen any mercedes owned by Uber
  3. Charleston
    Any idea of why Uber is not accepting more Uber Black partners? are these temporary restrictions or most likely Uber won't take any more Uber black drivers?
  4. Denver
    Looking to see if someone wants to give some intel about the market supply of high end rides in the Denver area.
  5. New York City
    I want to work with more than one base but the problem is that I've heard that companies often require you to transfer your car's base to theirs. Is there any way to go around this requirement? I work in NYC.
  6. New York City
    Hello guys, Newbie here in the NYC. I came across this guy telling me that he can rent his TLC plates for $150/week. The way it works is that he would register my car under his company’s name, and I could put the TLC plates on the car. Is this legit? Doable? I don’t want to do something...
  7. New York City
    I am 20 year old! Can rent for around 600-650! No accidents in the past... Where can i rent one? I wanna see if the Black works for me or not so i want to rent kne first so that i have an idea!
  8. Toronto (Ontario)
    https://globalnews.ca/video/4678909/freedom-mobile-launches-100-gb-promotion-in-latest-challenge-to-big-3-rivals Anyone taking advantage of this?? How's Freedom working so far?
  9. Jacksonville
    anyone have any suggestions on where to pick up Uber black rides? 2nd night (with Uber x on too), no trips... :-(
  10. San Diego
    Looks like they have no customers in San Diego. Spent 5:05 hrs last night at SAN . Home take was $0.00 . Spent the whole week so far 22 hours. And look at what I made this week.
  11. New York City
    I worked 18hrs and made only $360.53. I started working around 4:00 AM and did not get any black and suv job until 10:14 am. At some point I was thinking I was not going to make money.
  12. Phoenix
    Hello everyone, I hope it's ok that I post this here. I know it's a long shot, but I recently had my car stolen, a black 2011 Acura RDX, from my home, and I heard that a lot of people alert cab/driving companies such as Uber when this happens. My car was taken from Scottsdale, around Hayden &...
  13. Los Angeles & Orange County
    any knows how much the Lease for Black SUV in Southern California these days?
  14. New York City
    I picked up two drunk black guys from brooklyn. They had ordered lyft line and then another rider added. So, third passenger was a black lady. After picker her up i was heading towards queens to drop to first passenger(two drunk guys). One guy named TJ started using foul and vulgar language to...
  15. Licensed
    What's up ...... for 2018? GOT!! news, info or changes to suggest for 2018? Will Uber be adding or limiting CDL/Limo/Black Drivers in your area? Which SUV's and insurance are you using. Most of all, vote, for the highest TL $$$ mode in 2018? Black, SUV, Select or XL?
  16. New York City
    Does anyone do premiums only in nyc...Can you make enough? I work for a few private companies as soon as I got tlc plates which was only a few months ago sometimes I'm left with huge time gaps in between calls. I can see that x rates are not something my stomach can handle. Wondering if there...
  17. New York City
    Hello. Is there any particular reason as to why the Q7 isn’t on the SUV list? I see i can do XL and Black which both seem to make it fit into the SUV category if I have my logic correct. Uber XL (Bigger vehicle seating 6+), and Uber Black (Luxury Vehicle).= Uber SUV (bigger luxury vehicle). I...
  18. Stories
    Was never sure which way I was going on this UBER v Black Cabbie thing.... until now. Sunday 15th October 2017. DLR cancelled. Woolwich line completely closed. AND no replacement bus service was put on. AND the national rail train to Woolwich also wasn't operating. I had been away...
  19. Denver
    Who knows all the exact requirements in Denver for Uber Black/SUV as of right now? I hear conflicting things. I know I should just go to the office and find out but meanwhile im asking around.
1-20 of 41 Results