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  1. Advice
    My current dashcam is kind of broken as it turns on and off automatically few times a day. So I'm thinking to buy a new dashcam. My question is should I wait til Black Friday and will there be a huge discount on Black Friday? If so, I might as well wait til then and buy one
  2. Charlotte
    Anyone driving tomorrow? I heard it is not good money just alot of short trips and your trunk full
  3. Flex
    Whos working in the rain? and what are your delivery strategies? mostly how do you withstand it?
  4. Flex
    This accident caused a major slowdown on telegraph adding to the black friday madness. Indeed many reported it took 20mins to turn to the warehouse street. However this made me 30mins late! I seen his lanyard he was a flexer trying to make it on time...The struggle
  5. Atlanta
    This is my first year driving so it is my first time going through the crazy Holidays. What are Black Fridays like? Do you get a lot of requests at 4 am requests for those hardcore bargain shoppers? Is it best to hang out in the Mall parking lot?
  6. Baton Rouge
    Thanksgiving is next week and I assume there will be more travelers and more drivers. Then there's Black Friday as well. Any tips on maximizing Thanksgiving week earnings? From the experienced bunch, did you see guaranteed earnings in previous years? Or any lessons learned? Share away!
  7. Tampa
    Curious to see how everyone's Black Friday is starting off. I started my day at 8 in New Tampa taking a girl to a Pilates class on Dale Mabry. After that a trip over the bridge to Pinellas and a few drives to work. Last I checked I was over $50 in earnings. I'm back over the bridge doing a few...
  8. New Jersey
    So what is everyone's view on the Black Friday Rush? Not worth the Gridlock traffic around the Malls or totally worth it since most don't want to deal with parking their own cars? oh, and what was your experiences last Black Friday?
  9. Boston
    I'm thinking of driving tomorrow for Black Friday in the Framingham Natick area, along Route 9. Has anyone in Massachusetts worked in that area? It's one of the biggest shopping areas in our state and was just wondering what other MA drivers think.
  10. Las Vegas
    Hey all, What are your opinions on driving Thanksgiving's day or black friday? Is it worth the time? I was thinking of stuffing my face and then logging on after dinner and staying online thru the morning for the shoppers. Do you think that shoppers would actually be requesting Uber or just...
1-10 of 10 Results