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  1. Stories
    Big Brother GOOGLE/ D.A.R.P.A. now in addition to worldwide Anti Trust fines, lawsuits,& investigations Had a WORLD WIDE WALKOUT BY EMPLOYEES ! Over the GOOGLE TOXIC WORKPLACE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT ! This past Thursday employees staged a workplace walkout. 49 have been Fired so far . . . ( 49...
  2. Complaints
    Nanny State California Proposes 6 Months Jail time for Servers placing straws in Drinks ! Has BIG BROTHER LOST HIS MIND ? The " STRAW THAT BROKE THE CONSTITUTIONS BACK" This is only the beginning . . . Somebody better come get their Government ! Its Out of Control !
  3. Washington DC
    So Uber tracks our accelerations and braking because they prefer their passengers be comfortable when you mow over bicyclists and pedestrians, because hard braking is dangerous driving. Here is an example of Uber dinging me twice for the same instances because their own NannySoftware doesn't...
  4. Complaints
    Serious. Have you noticed Google who gathers information on each and every one of us ,Google who controls the information we can access on the web. Google WAYMO self driving cars claims it is a victem. Let that sink in. Big Brother who runs office of Total Information Awareness. Google...
  5. Brisbane
    Now that Uber forces us to contact the rider via their substitute numbers, is it safe to assume Uber keeps a tab on all text and phone conversations?
1-5 of 5 Results