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  1. Washington DC
    Hi folks, I'm a new driver and new to the area as well (moved from Chicago). I plan to work about 12-16 hours per weekend just to make a little side income. Is it worthwhile to drive Sat and Sunday afternoons? What can I expect in earnings (before expenses and taxes) driving say 16 hours per...
  2. Phoenix
    Hi everyone. I'm new to uber. I started today, driving part-time in the Avondale-Goodyear area. I'm not really sure when the best time Is to begin my shift. This morning sucked! Also, I keep hearing about surge pricing. Is there some way to know when this happens? Being offline, does the app...
  3. Pittsburgh
    Hey all! I've been driving Uber for a bit now. I started in Aug 2015, drove for about a month and then took a hiatus. I recently started driving again this past week; mainly because I need the extra money. The problem I am having is trying to plan accordingly so that I minimize my losses (gas...
1-4 of 4 Results