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  1. New Jersey
    Let's talk Atlantic City. Any of you uber people have any experience there? I've been doing this two weeks part time and I am pretty surprised. Did very well my first Saturday night. Drove 4 hours made about $200. That's close to $50 and hour. Unreal money considering the fact you aren't...
  2. New Jersey
    Government shutdown to affect 4th of July weekend http://www.app.com/story/news/politics/new-jersey/chris-christie/2017/07/01/new-jersey-government-shutdown/445395001/
  3. Jacksonville
    Hello all, I work Jax Beach area ( hodges, beach blvd, Atlantic, JTB, South side blvd) most every weekend and until 4 am most nights. I have a CB radio, they are not used much anymore and you can find small handheld models online or thrift stores for a few bucks. On Channel 4 Thurs thru sunday...
1-3 of 3 Results