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  1. Advice
    I had a no show for Uber this morning and it paid me for the full trip fare. The explanation shows cancellation so Uber must be paying for the full trip now rather than $3.75.
  2. Baton Rouge
    Anyone gotten a ton of cancellations through Lyft lately? I had "Hope" cancel 6 times in a row within 8 minutes and had to make Lyft give me a cancellation fee. I didn't meet the requirements but they were nice and did it anyway. Just seem to have most requests cancel on me once or twice in a...
  3. Baton Rouge
    Let's just say I know a guy who has been contracted with Lyft for several Ambassador and Mentor gigs and he has confirmed this. He has been in BR for over a month now with some other Lyft People from Corp. So, if you would like to sign up to drive or be a Ambassador please inbox me at...
  4. Baton Rouge
    Thanksgiving is next week and I assume there will be more travelers and more drivers. Then there's Black Friday as well. Any tips on maximizing Thanksgiving week earnings? From the experienced bunch, did you see guaranteed earnings in previous years? Or any lessons learned? Share away!
  5. Baton Rouge
    I just started driving this Saturday with Uber since I switched from a coupe to a 4 dr post flood. I've scanned the forum as well as just observed my experience. I didn't dig deep on Uber before signing up just figured hey why not since I have 4 doors now and want to bank some extra funds...
  6. Baton Rouge
    So it finally happened to me, I had someone throw up all overy backseat last night, the girls promised me to pay for the cleaning and my lost wages, this morning they did meet me to pay to have it cleaned but took off on me with no help with the money I lost. Any suggestions or should I just...
1-6 of 7 Results