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  1. Washington DC
    So we've done best pizza, tacos, gyros, burritos etc etc....but all that fat gets to you so in the natural spirit of evolution I propose we all give the best Porcelin Thrones in the DMV for when the TNC Potty or bushes next to Rock Creek just wont do..ala George Costanza and his bathroom book style
  2. San Diego
    Just heard on the news - several Balboa Park restrooms will now be open 24 hours. This is an effort to help curb the hepatitis outbreak among the homeless, but it may also be good news for people who drive late at night, like us. Just use a little caution about possible increase in crime.
  3. Raleigh-Durham
    Apparently, the closure last night (8/1-8/2) was due to maintenance: they were replacing ceiling tiles. However, this location (our beloved "better bathroom") is not quite running on all cylinders yet: it's "open" ... but barely operational at the moment. As of 10pm, the bathrooms are still out...
  4. Atlanta
    Ok, So only good clean/light traffic spots I know are Atlantic station public bathroom next to the movies, EARLY A.M tho. And the coffee spot on piedmont and peachtreee. Just askin cuz I'm eatin big tonite. Any other good spots? so any other good clean bathrooms?
  5. New York City
    I asked a yellow cab driver what they were for..... Me: "What are those cups of water for on the stalls?" Him: "Those are for guys to wash their dicks" Us: "Hahahahahahaha" Now I know. Apparently drivers, taxi drivers especially, get sweaty dicks from driving so much. My advice is to get...
  6. Tampa
    Where are the cleanest bathrooms around Tampa Bay?
  7. San Francisco
    Uber deactivated my stop new rides feature. Because I use the bathroom too much. They told me to let my acceptance rate plummet. The screen caps of the corespondance are in the YouTube vid. Am I overreacting? I can't afford to drive if I lose the pdp (subsidy) due to low acceptance rate every...
  8. San Francisco
    Or any other places that are your go to stops to grab a bite when driving?
  9. Boston
    It's not my favorite way to start on this forum, but it's an important question. Where in Boston can a girl find a non-disgusting bathroom to use when driving late nights? Once Dunkin Donuts closes, I pray for fares needing to get near my house in Somerville. This is not something I can rely on...
  10. New Jersey
    It looks like nobody has discussed this topic here in the NJ sub-forum, but it's kind of important, especially for those of us who spend long hours behind the wheel. Obviously, we all know about the fast food restrooms, but they're really not a reliable option. Many of them are absolutely filthy...
1-10 of 10 Results