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  1. Chicago
    This article was written last year. The focus here is Naperville, which has a heavy bar presence in its downtown area. In my opinion the night before Thanksgiving doesn't get the same attention as NYE or St. Pat's, but its a significant party night. Especially with many college students home...
  2. Providence
    So many have told me to go do the Fri/Sat late night bar scene in Boston Is there any similar bit of business on Saturday night in Providence/Pawtucket/Woonsocket for bar goers needing rides home? I got a few pax last Saturday night in Woonsocket, but wasn't out long enough to really try the...
  3. Tips
    New to this and was wondering if after delivering or picking up a patron of a restaurant or bar can the bar or restaurant give me a tip?
  4. London
    So the other night I was asked a few times of this question. Two girls were looking for a club and a guy wanted to know if there is a quiet place for couple of drinks. I was thinking dalston junction might have something but I'm not really a party guy any ideas?
  5. Stories
    I've given about 500 rides in the last three months. Only five or so of those riders have given me a tip, mostly a few bucks to five dollars. Between the big city and a college town, tons of cheap ******** out there. So I get a ping at a local bar known for their sloppy drunks, one of those...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    I left my stuff in the back of an Uber I didn't request. He cancelled the original uber person (we were at the bar in newmarket called the firkin at Goran and Leslie) we paid you cash and I forgot my stuff in your trunk. Please get a hold of me I have alot of clothes in there nothing worth...
  7. Sacramento
    Hi fellow drivers! I've been driving for about a month but have not only drive part time. I was wondering if it was worth it to drive to SMF on a week night and wait for riders? I'm in Lodi so that's about a 30 minute drive..... I plan to do it from 10 PM til 7 AM. I don't really want to do the...
  8. Advice
    Well, one of my customers was going to a bar last night. When I dropped him off, I saw this man lying in the road, shirt off, eyes closed, didn't move and it scared me. I thought he was dead. I stayed away from the incident but almost decided to call 911. The customer said he would let the...
  9. Connecticut
    The owner at 66 Church in Naugatuck is offering free rides to his patrons leaving the bar. This has been published in the local paper and is a hit. If anyone is looking for passengers, that may be a good spot.
  10. Cleveland & Akron
    Well what do ya know my very first post-bar ride and what do i get? Vomit all over my rear passenger door and exterior of car.. ugh I drove a couple hours Friday until about 12:30 and decided to call it in. Well about 2:15 rolls around and out of curiosity (while laying in bed) I flip the app...
  11. News
    Uber paired with The Hero Campaign last October, but I just received this email today. This way if you opt-in you will be directed to areas of high demand for designated drivers. Now you too will have an even higher chance of getting someone who will throw up. It's a win-win. Become an Uber...
1-11 of 11 Results