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  1. Pay
    I am a new Uber driver. I am unable to add my banking info or request an Uber card to get paid. I go to Wallet, add banking info then the live photo verification pops up, I take a pic, it verifies me then goes right back to the screen to take a pic again. Anyone else have this issue? I already...
  2. Pay
    curious if anyone driving for either uber or lyft has been able to set it up so that their weekly earnings are deposited into a savings account , not a checking account ? i drive PT , and had been putting my earnings into paying off a credit card , and now that i've finally managed to pay that...
  3. Chicago
    What bank account should I apply for. I was with US Bank but hertz messed that up. So any advice fellow drivers.
  4. Pay
    If you don't want to get paid on a bank account, have a look to Waleteros Prepaid debit Visa Card. You can start using it right away since you get a routing and account number in 3 minutes. I know Drivers in the US who are using it.
  5. Pay
    I did my first express pay on Monday just to see how fast it really is. The transfer was for a little over $1,200. It's now Thursday and I still have not received the funds. Is this normal? If I knew it would take this long, I would just have waited. I bank with Chase, by the way.
  6. Canberra
    This recent thread on the Sydney forum is well worth reading: https://uberpeople.net/threads/which-bank-account-is-suitable-popular.194042/. It concerns which is the best bank account to use. ING Orange wins.
  7. Sydney
    I thought they were processing them earlier, it's now Wednesday midday and still not there. Usually it comes in on Tuesday (NAB).
  8. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    I drove for three days last weekend (Halloween); received a pay statement, etc., etc., but no direct deposit has gone into my bank account. I have been back & forth with Uber on email all day, as I was not able to submit anything using the help app (I kept getting an error message). Uber...
  9. Jacksonville
    So I have only been driving for Uber for 2 weeks now but I signed up to drive with them quite some time back. Since I signed up so long ago, the bank account I had is no longer open. I have changed it to the correct account but my very first pay was sent to the old account. I talked to the...
  10. Pay
    Hey Drivers, We're DailyPay! We put cash in your bank account each day for your earnings across different rideshare and delivery platforms. We are now accepting GRUBHUB DELIVERY, DOORDASH, INSTACART & FASTEN drivers as well as Restaurants on GrubHub and Seamless. We have thousands of Clients...
  11. Advice
    Has anyone tried to use a netspend account number and routing number? Can I use mine?
1-11 of 11 Results