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  1. Articles
    Breaking news from Uber!! We have been speaking with drivers around the world for many years, and once again Uber, your great non-employer, has decided to give you, our driver-partners, exactly what you have been asking for: new badges! These new rewards won't be easy to achieve. Only the...
  2. Advice
    I logged onto Uber recently, and I noticed that the format of the app has changed. Notably, compliments and badges used to appear on the same page. Now, issues and written compliments appear on the same page, and badges are gone entirely. I also noticed that I can't give badges in the rider...
  3. New York City
    I know many drivers clamor for a 'living wage'. However, I think giving badges and earning ratings is a better strategy for higher pay. When customers are happy, drivers will get more rides. Thankfully Uber is smart to keep prices lower, this leads to more rides. Excellent service leads to more...
  4. Advice
    This afternoon I decided to check my rating on the ratings tab after almost 1 year and I was like whaaat!?
  5. New Jersey
    Just wondering how many notes and badges you have from the pax. I have around 100
  6. Lyft
    Best DJ everrrrrr but didn't deserve a badge :( Oh well, a $5 tip was much better anyway.
  7. Washington DC
    How about REALLY saying thanks and showing how much you appreciate drivers (LMFAO BAHAHAHAHA) by raising rates and quit fornicating both drivers and riders. Can I take my compliments to the bank and exchange them for cash? No it's just something else to distract idiot ants from the dismal base...
  8. Cleveland & Akron
    I’d like to see Uber get rid of the badges under compliments. Too many times I see a rider think that by giving me a badge for “Excellent Service” or “Great Amenities” it replaces the need to tip. The badges were part of the old “Kalanick” regime’s way to avoid putting tipping in the Uber app...
  9. Stories
    The late night hero badge...when'd we get that one? Honestly I'm hoping it's new. If not, I am as unobservant as my husband always claims.
  10. Lyft
    Was really hoping for a Cool Car badge but this will have to do. Anyone want to trade?
  11. San Diego
    I got this one yesterday which just shows what a joke these badges are. I offer a clean seat, seatbelt, and whatever music I'm playing on Pandora, nothing more. No water or snacks on my dime. My favorite badge is a cash tip. $$$
  12. Complaints
    I like getting badges. I need help!
  13. Orlando
    Has anyone been to the office in lake Mary.. Do they care? Can you get approval for cities . Like, fort Lauderdale, Boca, Daytona, Gainesville, Tallahassee and get the trade dress. ( window sticker). Why don't all the drivers in this city go complain about the uber x rates and lack of surges...
  14. Advice
    Used to be 70-75% of rides would give a rating, month after month it was the same. Then, maybe about the time Badges arrived, it dropped way down. Every week now about 1/4 of trips give a rating. It cuts both ways I guess, but it sure gives an unhappy pax with an itchy 1* finger a lot more say...
  15. Minneapolis
    I am curious... Are the badges taking place of PAX giving us Stars? Anyone know what the process really is? Also, when you do Instant Pay does it not update your star rating or does that only happen when you are paid out weekly? I have noticed that when I leave about $30 in my account it...
  16. Boston
    Before the flaming begins I know the best compliment is get to tipped in CASH. Best tip I made was $30 in cash from a $5 uberX just 2 nights ago. What is your best in app rider notes - to be honest the fact someone took the time to write feedback about your grind deserves to be known. Drop...
  17. Stories
    Sure, theres the obvious ones, but I would like some more interesting ones. Everyone suggest some.
1-17 of 17 Results