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  1. Connecticut
    Umm I imagine your money is tight, or maybe ya just don't realize how it works in the United States, get yourself a new bulb, if you are driving passengers they at least deserve some level of basic safety. It is so stupid and obnoxious you can't take the 5 minutes to plug in a tiny bulb.
  2. Complaints
    I used it 6 times and really appreciated the free soda in the middle of a shift. Tried it two weeks ago and they said “the owner no longer wants to do it bc of some problems with some of the drivers”. Next thing it’s been canceled. I blame it on some small minority of sh-tty drivers who prob...
  3. Washington DC
    Saw this last night at Connecticut Avenue and N Street. There were Uber/Lyft stickers on the dashboard. White Earpiece Brigade member tried going North in the southbound lanes
  4. New York City
    I was heading home yesterday and right after pulling into a paid parking lot the attendant (I know him) ran over with a smile and said there was an accident, so we both ran out into the street to look. It looks like the TLC car was making a left out of a livery rental parking lot. Traffic was...
  5. Advice
    I am an Uber Driver I hardly take Uber’s anywhere . The one night I took an Uber I had the worst Uber ever . Because of this I got my driver account disabled and an investigation pending. This is my statement to Uber . I called an Uber Driver at around 2am to go home from canal st in new...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    All drivers must tell or remind pax that highly rated drivers are matched with highly rated pax. It is NOT only the closest driver that gets the first request, the algorithm also includes the highest rated driver matching with highly rated pax. If you didn't know that, now you do. How to get...
  7. Orlando
    Has anyone been to the office in lake Mary.. Do they care? Can you get approval for cities . Like, fort Lauderdale, Boca, Daytona, Gainesville, Tallahassee and get the trade dress. ( window sticker). Why don't all the drivers in this city go complain about the uber x rates and lack of surges...
  8. News
  9. Singapore
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with UberEATS in Singapore. I saw the Straits Times article about how these driver was eating and driving at the same time. Now I am kind of scared to use the service... Has anyone also had this type of irresponsible driver? Thanks!
1-9 of 10 Results