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  1. Denver
    Interesting article. Makes you realize his bro mentality is worse than we thought . . . it doesn't seem as if his forced resignation taught him anything. http://gizmodo.com/travis-kalanick-is-already-plotting-his-return-to-power-1797380245/amp
  2. Atlanta
    Few days ago, I've picked up Uberpool passengers from Atlanta Airport to downtown Atlanta. All 3 pax together to downtown Atlanta. Drops were all within 1miles of each other. My pay from Uber is measly amount of $9.24. I am sure Uber is charging each passenger at least $12-$15. I am pretty...
  3. Atlanta
    I wonder what would happen if all Uber Drivers lives up to this rule. Do you thinks PAX will start tipping? Instead, reserve 5 stars for those who tip!! Simple but effective, what do you think?
  4. Advice
    I recently started driving for lyft and uber. Unless someone can convince me otherwise I am done accepting lyft line or uber. #1 lyft line means the passenger is cheap and trying to save money which means 99% chance you won't get tipped or get tipped poorly. #2 it pays terrible, I did a lyft...
  5. Orlando
    It was surging all over central Florida most of the day Sunday September 4th, in the pouring rain, and yet we somehow had all areas covered so well with the over abundance of drivers, and the vast large coverage areas, that somehow we again never went over 3.0, actually never even reached 2.9..
1-6 of 6 Results