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  1. Advice
    One thing that could help avoid any bad customers is not take customers below 4.80. Even at 4.80 and 4.90 I would think about it twice cause those kind of customers have that type of rating for a reason and you would also avoid a bad rating to your profile or an inconvenience. ?
  2. Chicago
    Last January. Collllld weather. Back when I took all rides (and during Surge, it paid off). This wa a pool ride, of course. The names have been changed. Highlights: Picked up Heckle and Jeckle, girls who were friends, and unrelated NotFelicia from a bar in Lakeview. Maxed out with...
  3. New Jersey
    Avoid this 4.51 sow at all cost. She lives in the big apartment building in Red Bank...
  4. Stories
    Uber passenger offered me $500 to have 'fun' with him (illegal) and wouldn't get out of my car. Guess he didn't care about the dashcam and posted video recording notices clearly visible in my car. It is not uncommon for passengers to tip up to $50 on very long rides, which is the only reason I...
  5. Stories
    Rider flagged me for professionalism with a the subcategory of "comfort" He asked to crank up the heat and I did but for whatever reason he felt like flagging that because in his little world that was probably a very big thing. Maybe he wanted ride credits after all i dropped him off at a...
  6. Atlanta
    As far as I know this is not in the ATL area yet but I'd like to know the opinion of you "Highly Rated [& experienced] Drivers. To me it looks like a nightmare waiting to happen: The discussion...
  7. Atlanta
    I wonder what would happen if all Uber Drivers lives up to this rule. Do you thinks PAX will start tipping? Instead, reserve 5 stars for those who tip!! Simple but effective, what do you think?
  8. San Francisco
    Ok yesterday I gave 3 rides. Attached is my drivers report. Which one of them do you think reported me as a dangerous driver. ALL the rides where going. I think was maid of requestor since most of the time Woodside people act like cheapskates and guy said it to get a break on the fare.
  9. New Jersey
    This thread is meant to raise awareness on trouble pax hot zones and to guide drivers which zones to avoid or boycott all together. NJ has its good bad and ugly. But where are the worst pax located in your opinion? Share your stories and vote!
  10. Houston
    So my car is a brand new 2016 model. Had nothing but great compliments!! But until this week. Midtown asshol3$!!!!!! I guess they didn't want to get charged (free ride).
  11. Richmond
    So I began driving about 5 months ago. It's just something I do part time, but for the most part I haven'thad any major issues. Last week, however, I had to give a rider a 1 star for the first time. I have never given a rider anything other than 5 stars. A night early in the week, I was giving...
  12. Lyft
    http://fox13now.com/2016/03/24/lyft-removes-driver-after-utahns-bound-for-bernie-sanders-rally-subjected-to-racist-rant-kicked-out-of-car/ Lyft removes SLC driver after passengers subjected to anti-Muslim rant, kicked out of car SALT LAKE CITY -- Political discussions can certainly get heated...
  13. Advice
    Had an issue with rider when trying to pick him up, the ping point was not at the location of their where about. After 6 min of trying to talk to the rider the person slurring an trying to ask me where am at and me tell him at the place they requested. I finally figure out where they were about...
1-14 of 14 Results