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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Any one do their background check and driving record check on Uber? Is the check free or is there a cost in 2021? I believe the check is done by Triton Canada.
  2. Stories
    Uber ran my annual background check. Wish someone had told me about this, I would have loved to see it! Guess I'm out of driving for a while...
  3. News
    https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/01/us/felons-driving-for-uber-invs/index.html Thousands of criminals were cleared to be Uber drivers. Here's how rideshare companies fought stronger checks By Curt Devine, Nelli Black, Drew Griffin and Collette Richards Updated 7:01 PM ET, Fri June 1, 2018 (CNN) For...
  4. Complaints
    Has anyone had a problem with the new annual background checks? First, I sat for 3 hours on Tuesday and never got 1 ride. This is very rare. I finally said to hell with it and went back home. I’m checking my email later that day and I have a message from UBER that Checkr.com has been trying...
  5. Advice
    I received my background check copy from CHECKR and it says Consider. They show under County Criminal Searches TRAFFIC_DRIVERS LICENSE_DRIVING AFTER SUSPENSION which was DISMISSED and shows as such. Does uber count dismissed charges against you or is it only convictions? I drive in MN.
  6. Minneapolis
    Without notice my account became Waitlisted. I called Uber and they indicated they were re running the background check and I should call back by Friday. Uber says my last background check was in January 2017 at which time I had 4 total speeding tickets since October 2015 (1 was out of state) I...
  7. Advice
    I am switching states from NJ to MA. I went through checkr and it was clear...I thought that was it only to find out I now need to wait on my CORI. Does anyone PLEASE tell me how long their CORI check took? Thx in advance
  8. Houston
    Has anybody been to this Greenlight Hub at: SprintSpot: 6860 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084...? I have an appointment scheduled for Monday here, but I just saw that there is a location at : 5714 Star Lane Houston, TX 77057 open tomorrow from 10am - 2pm. Are they usually busy? Can they really help...
  9. New York City
    Hay guys. I'm interested in going thru the process. I was denied Uber in Long Island. I have a few items on my abstract. One cell phone and couple of 'not obeying traffic device'. My denial email said the reason for rejection was b/c major violation - I guess the cell phone was the...
  10. Long Island
    Anybody know what the wait time is looking like for the background checks?
  11. Boston
    They said I need an electronic copy of my background certificate. What is the email address for the DPU?
  12. Complaints
    I've been a driver for approximately two and a half years and have never had an a legal violation of any kind. I have now waited almost 90 days on a background check. Last year it took one hour. Both checkr and Uber have kept me locked out of the app without giving any justifiable reason. After...
  13. Lyft
    Anyone experienced this? (Am in Chicago area, have been driving 7 months.) Almost two weeks ago the app prompted me to accept the running of another background check. It indicated I am not supposed to drive until it is done. My support inquiry to ask if I got that right, not supposed to...
  14. Advice
    Hi guys I just relocated from Washington DC to Denver when I was there I was turned down because of my background. I was charged with a misdemeanor marijuana charge about 6 years ago and I wanted to drive for Uber here in Colorado and was considered about my chances of getting picked up now. I...
  15. Houston
    So I signed up to be a driver 4 days ago and am kinda of confused with the background process. I elected to use their Xchange leasing program and was approved almost immediately, but obviously I don't want to lease a vehicle before I know whether or not my background check comes back clean. The...
  16. Complaints
    I tried to sign up as a driver. They have that Checkr portal where they ask me to upload my 3 year driving record. I paid 2 dollars on DMV to get that document and uploaded to Checkr. 2 days after, I get an email from Checkr. It says, "We do not accept international license". ... WTF.. I...
  17. Complaints
    I have a clean background. So far it's been 3 weeks with no answer. In my profile it says "Approved" What should I expect?
  18. Technology
    Has anyone figured out how to keep this app working in the background. I am using and iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.1
  19. Advice
    My background check is still pending.. and I've been waiting for like 3 weeks now. I can't drive with my background check is still on pending right? I'm seeing some post that they've been driving already and they got an e-mail that their background check just got approved. I'm really confused...
  20. Advice
    I was convicted of wet reckless driving in California in 2014 and my probation is for 2 years. I can get it expunge but I am worried if I would be able to drive for uber after the exxpungement coz the expungement will clear it from my background but not the driving record. I mean it will say...
1-20 of 21 Results