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back ground check
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  1. Advice
    I got approved for all requirements for LYFT. But when I try to go online, it says I should finish my application. When I click the link I see nothing but "approved" status. What am I missing here? Anyone have up-to-date contact details for LYFT? Thanks.
  2. Advice
    Hi I'm James, new to the forum. I made this in hopes someone could help me, I was charged for misdemeanor assault about 8 years ago (young and dumb). I applied to drive for Uber in 2018, the assault showed up on Checkr. Uber sent me an email saying I was denied because of something in my...
  3. Advice
    Hello everyone. Like many others, my account was unexpectedly placed on hold on the 7th or December pending the annual renewal of my background check. I have been driving for over 6 years and this is the first time that I have been taken offline for this reason. Anyway, last week, on the 23rd...
  4. Advice
    So My account is been on hold for 5 days, this is the email that I received, what do you guys think? Am i gonna get reactivated or deactivated? Also my status with checkr is “consider”. Thanks for all the help/tips. I went to the hub and I’ve called a few times but all they say is that I have to...
  5. Advice
    I received a pre-adverse notice with Uber while my background check was being done. I only have two minor traffic violations in the past three years, but for some reason my license suspension from over 7 years ago came up, and from what I read Uber doesn’t use that against u. Anywho... Has...
  6. Chicago
    just received copy of my background check directly from Checkr. Is it the new procedure??
  7. Jacksonville
    I've driven for Uber part time just about 1 year. I've done over 1,000 trips and I have a 4.93 rating last time I checked. Last evening when I opened the Uber Driver app, I was prompted to consent to a background check. I'm all in favor of background checks, and it's obviously required, so I...
  8. Austin
    I am (was) a loyal Uber driver and supporter, but the latest background has tilted my thinking. After 2 weeks waiting for an annual background check to be completed, it comes back wrong. Shows me with a criminal record in another county and on probation. I haven't even had a warning ticket in...
1-9 of 9 Results