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  1. Advice
    So I have a new baby coming in the next 3 weeks, my regular full-time job is a Monday-Friday type and I would be entitled to apply for FMLA and receive 6 weeks of California paid family leave at 60% with supplemental PTO from work to make up the difference. Currently I work Uber/Doordash on the...
  2. Complaints
    Well kinda. Got into a debate on the topic of breastfeeding in an Uber. What are your thoughts? Her point: I had a pervert creeping on me while i was breastfeeding in my Uber. The driver kept staring. He is a pig, and i complained to get a refund. I should be able to feed my baby wherever and...
  3. Adelaide
    Hi, May I know the correct rule for a baby without a car seat in my uber. Shall I refuse?
  4. News
    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/01/baby-board-uber-driver-carried-picking-passengers-without-realising/ Mum Elisabeth Katompa, a nurse, described how she screamed in panic and phoned 999 after the car drove off in Tottenham just after 11pm on Wednesday as she went to open the car door...
  5. News
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    people are so cheap they take Uber or Lyft to the hospital instead of an ambulance I would not want to be that driver #MedicalIncident; 8:41PM; 12900 W Riverside Dr; https://goo.gl/maps/Km4xqA9Nqz22; #ShermanOaks; Prior to LAFD arrival, the driver of a rideshare vehicle was primary assist for...
  7. Miami
    So I do a Lyft line pickup on Brickell. Pickup is easy. Get to the 2nd rider and an older lady comes to the car with a plastic bag in her hand. I roll down my window and ask if she is the pickup for "Billy". She then proceeds to explain in her broken English that she wants me to deliver some...
  8. Melbourne
    I recently had a trip request to take a family with young baby home, had to turn it down when I found out that they had a baby has I don't carry a baby seat around with me. I'm not risking it... I then told them it is against the law to transport a baby without a suitable babyseat. (Do you...
  9. Tampa
    Ok instead of just b______g and venting on everyone else's threads, I figured I'd start my first post and see how it went. Can we get together and come up with a list of ideas for how parents (in any area of the country) can get free or low cost child safety seats? I had yet another brain...
  10. Stories
    So I go to pick up a PAX out walks 2 gals and a 1-2 yr old baby. Of course no car seat. I ask if they have one and they don't so I say I can't take you with out one against the law and my liability. Guess what they say? Yep, other Uber drivers don't care. So I politely say well try another one...
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Second time in 1 month The first time it was a drunk girl.- for the people calling me names you can go... Well you know.
  12. Advice
    Question for fellow Uber drivers: If you have a family customer traveling with babies and they didn't bring their own car/baby seat, how did you solve it?
1-12 of 13 Results