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  1. New York City
    hello everybody I'm waiting on my TLC license in the mail and am starting to look at cars.. What's your opinion on the most efficient, cost effective car that would be comfortable for a 6' 4" driver AND provide ample legroom to the driver side passenger. Was looking at a used Cadillac XTS...
  2. New Jersey
    So last night, I was doing my weekend Uber driving down in Sea Isle, Ocean City, Avalon...ya know, the whole strip. As I was driving around, I started noticing what looked like Uber drivers pulled over pretty consistently throughout all of the cities I was picking up in. So, I started to get...
  3. Melbourne
    So, I showed up at Avalon Airport yesterday to the 14:50 flight. As i arrived i saw 8 other UberX waiting in the Queue. 14:50pm flight from Gold Coast 0 Ux bookings. 17:00pm flight from Syd 1 Ux booking and only because i told her it was cheaper than a cab. Some very angry drivers waited...
1-3 of 3 Results