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  1. Delivery
    So I've been driving Lyft for 2 years. I just got off the waiting list to do grubhub. I did my first deliveries yesterday off block. I usually drive lyft late weekend nights(10pm- 8am-ish). In my area grubhub offers blocks until 11pm even on weekends and they don't start again until 7am...
  2. Flex
    Hey guys, Maybe this question was asked and answered already but didn't see it. If I forfeit a block, will the block be available right away? Like if I release a block at 1am per se, will it be available to be picked up by another driver if he checks his app?
  3. Providence
    Hi , im starting a job tomorrow 4.27.16 and my only way to get there is uber , I'm going from Providence to N.kingstown next to quonset at 530am-600am, I'm so scared that there will not be any drivers!! , Are there any ?? Has Anyone been through this before please help. I really need this job bad
  4. Technology
    I have an iPhone 6 with ios 9.1 When I use google maps to navigate to pax pin, and I arrive and go back to partner app I get a box saying navigation is unavailable. At that point I can't do anything with the partner app. The pax name has disappeared and I can't start the ride. How do I get...
1-4 of 4 Results