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  1. Complaints
    Uber select not available in Kansas City. Does anyone know why and how long before it’s activated again?
  2. Flex
    Is anyone else noticing there are literally NO blocks being posted for available hours? I’ve been checking all week and nothing is popping up. I’ve even switched my vehicles from standard to large and nothing. I emailed support and they said it shows I’m still active. Anyone else experiencing...
  3. Augusta
    I need an airport ride this Saturday morning at around 5:30 AM from Harlem to Augusta Regional Airport. Are there usually any drivers available then for me to schedule a ride so I can get to the airport?
  4. Providence
    Hi , im starting a job tomorrow 4.27.16 and my only way to get there is uber , I'm going from Providence to N.kingstown next to quonset at 530am-600am, I'm so scared that there will not be any drivers!! , Are there any ?? Has Anyone been through this before please help. I really need this job bad
1-4 of 4 Results