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  1. Sydney
    It really troubles me to why Uber haven’t been fined or mentioned for not letting you guys see the fare information in requests so you don’t accidentally leave your LGA & spread covid. Dominic Taylor is Ubers head of rides for Australia & N.Z he’s based in Sydney for crying out loud. He’s the...
  2. Sydney
    Contact Ubers rides GM Australia about letting drivers see destination & pickup so you can stay in your LGA
  3. Brisbane
    When going for the medical Queensland department of transport requires your doctor to complete it. Your doctor is one who has at least 5yrs experience with you. A doctor who you have never seen before shouldn’t sign you off or they will feel the legal burden if there’s an issue down the track -
  4. Brisbane
    On DIDi toll avoiding is most common, it’ll stretch out a fare by 10mins but wont change the price. Its a rip off! If i get a fare thats mid sized ($15-$25) & its got a toll I’ll message “toll o.k?” If they say no, ill cancel if they don’t answer ill rock up, lock my doors, wind window down a...
  5. Brisbane
    I find DIDi sends me these worthless pest pings multiple times pushing me closer to being suspended for not accepting more than 10 jobs. These pest pings are like 6min away for a minimum fare trips that at best im going to profit $1 from. I wish they would stop! Whens the fairwork ombudsman...
  6. Brisbane
    This is the mentality of Ola - They send me a message “your insurance is running out, it’ll take 72hrs to get approved so act quick to avoid lost time”. So i buy a new insurance a week early then i update it in the app, next day im locked out of the app with a message “you insurance document...
  7. Brisbane
    So are we essential? Please supply a link to confirm… What financial support will we receive? Please supply appropriate links…
  8. Brisbane
    DIDi’s chafing at the bit to get dominance & take away fare details for drivers in the request. No fare details & suspensions for cancellations, DIDi cant wait!
  9. Brisbane
    By Uber not giving details in the ping then we have to see if job is profitable In Waybill then canceling is defamation of character! I’ve had to cancel of my wifes friends & family friends. I accept then check waybill only to find out the 10min drive to pick up isn’t going for profit for the...
  10. Brisbane
    A large amount of everything Uber is disrespectful. Please add to the list of disrespectful actions by Uber & it’s app - Hiding fare details from drivers in the request. Making drivers cancel instead of showing fare details in request is disrespectful to rider & drivers. Advertising rental...
  11. Complaints
    I've been delivering with ubereats for more than 2 years. Recently the delivery fees in Australia is ridiculously low which was only $5 for a long delivery distance like 2-3km. This is unacceptable!! What do you all think about this? Hope ubereats amend the fees ASAP otherwise I'm thinking of...
  12. Brisbane
    I’ve started doing a few minimum fare trips if their only 2-3min away but i have a protocol - 1. Must be only 2-3min away NO MORE 2. Rider MUST be ready waiting or waving me down or it just coast past & hit cancel pressing “rider not wearing mask” button. 3. Rider MUST be in a place where I...
  13. Brisbane
    Its not that hard people - Just tell us where the fuc% their going & how much in the request so we can make calculated business decisions!!
  14. Brisbane
    After multiple people sending multiple emails to fairwork, ACCC & their local member of parliament DIDi has removed driver suspensions for not accepting trips & or canceling. And so they bloody should! DIDi however has still devaluated an already devaluated industry by lowering the minimum fare...
  15. Brisbane
    🤥 It seems after all these years of Rideshare apps deceiving drivers Ola expects us to all take their word. In the video below Ola tells us it’s “family” to take all trips, don’t cacel & you’ll be well rewarded 🤥! No mention of the purge (opposite of surge, fares go down in price depending on...
  16. Brisbane
    Ubers business model is deception, it circles itself around tricking drivers & riders. Without the ugly deceit it wouldn’t exist! PoolChance deceives riders into thinking they are going to get a cheap fare when chances are they wont, Its a gamble... You can bet drivers will be getting tricked...
  17. Melbourne
    https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/scott-morrison-says-australia-will-remain-shut-off-to-the-world-indefinitely/news-story/38da4e3b62dd8ad42bc3c44bb7b1f0cc Earliest opening would be in Mid-2022.
  18. Melbourne
  19. Perth
    Not only are you guys on the lowest rates in the country but you must now fork out for an approved camera!! https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/On-demandTransport/camera-surveillance-units.asp
  20. Melbourne
    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/22/the-worst-electric-vehicle-policy-in-the-world-automotive-coalition-pans-victorias-ev-tax Victoria seems hellbent on imposing an unfair tax on electric car drivers (including myself). I’m glad to see Uber step up to the plate to challenge the...
1-20 of 119 Results