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  1. Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new Uber driver in regional New South Wales, Australia. I drive a 2014 BMW M135i as both my personal car and my Uber car. I love driving, people, and customer service. I also work in the Theatre industry as an audio/lighting/staging technician and both of my jobs I would...
  2. Brisbane
    This went bad for drivers in the U.S, its here now in Brisbane! pick up some sick or injured passenger & cart them home for next to nothing. Ehat a 🤬’n joke!! https://www.uber.com/en-AU/blog/uber-health-au/
  3. Brisbane
    InDriver pays the least out of a buch of Rideshare apps that don’t pay enough already. Thanks InDriver for setting what a driver can offer, idiots!! Disappointing thing is that most muppets (drivers) don’t even know InDriver pays them the least… They will after im finished spreading the word…
  4. Brisbane
    Uber put the maximum vehicle age up from 10yrs to 12yrs, now 15yrs! Wow! 15yr old rust bucket driven by drivers who aren’t being paid enough to maintain them. We all know the once a year check isn’t enough…
  5. Brisbane
    A poll of 96 drivers showed 63% cancel more than 25% of fares they accept due to unprofitably issues
  6. Brisbane
    Yes some truths but still some lies no doubt backed by Ubers money - Lie 1. A 17yr old is using the platform but Uber doesn’t allow for this - https://help.uber.com/driving-and-delivering/article/requests-from-underage-riders---?nodeId=43b84de6-758b-489e-b088-7ee69c749ccd Lie 2. Uber...
  7. Brisbane
    Ubers threats are shallow as the last person who canceled & got deactivated got $400,000.00 thanks to Harmers Workplace Lawyers. Uber doesn’t have a leg to stand on, your an independent contractor being shown a quote. Its your choice to accept or cancel the job going on what the waybill says...
  8. Brisbane
    Hi guys...new here so be patient please 🤓ustralia As per uber policy, Ancap safety rating changes as of 1st of Feb 2023. All vehicles must have a 5 star ancap safety rating. As per ANCAP Australia all cars with a stamp date of 2015 or earlier will expire 31 December 2022. Does that mean a car...
  9. Brisbane
    Drivers found this out via the news, Uber hasn’t officially told them as drivers are a pain in the arse to them. “Please note, this offer does not include hybrid models, and the service fee is capped at $3,500 per year per driver. We’re also limiting this to the first 2,500 drivers”...
  10. Brisbane
    Thanks for making things so much better, I’m sure this will help drivers earnings & improve the overall experience. Thanks Uber your the beast 👍👍👍
  11. Brisbane
    Didi sent out hundreds of emails to Brisbane drivers telling them the fares we’re going up (as in screen shot below). DIDi then never raised the fares in Brisbane. If you go into the DIDi rider app fare rules (as in screen shot below) they were never raised! I’ve reported this to the ACCC here...
  12. Brisbane
    Lots of toll cheapskates riders around who have realised they can rip drivers off by avoiding tolls. Its an upfront fare thats calculated using the shortest time & distance to get to destination. fares DONT adjust to pay drivers correctly for avoiding tolls!
  13. Brisbane
    Looks like our personal info is up for sale - https://ola-website-new.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/supply/psob/images/driver-tnc-en-au-1.3.pdf
  14. Brisbane
    This is horribly miss leading & really shows how Uber doesn’t take driver experience into account. He’ll Uber doesn’t even count its own 27.5% commission as an expense. Read the fine print down the bottom, it’s the only thing close to the truth… The estimate is missing - Ubers 27.5% GST, Tax...
  15. Australia
    Ubers sending out cancellation warning emails. If they don’t want us to cancel they should just give us all the details in requests. We’re independent contractors, Ubers giving us quotes & we’re making business decisions. If anyone is deactivated due to cancellations your gonna be a very rich...
  16. Brisbane
    So how much is indrivers transaction fee when you cash out? Why wont they disclose the details???
  17. Brisbane
    DIDi has finally copped a bashing from Fairwork for trying to control ABN/Contractors with the DIDi advanced regime. Now DIDi has dropped its take to 15%, for everyone (because how they had it was illegal) i wonder if DIDi will back stab drivers by dropping the actual rates riders pay. At the...
  18. Brisbane
    Got the message from Uber about mask cancelations. It’s actually law in Queensland so no its not up to drivers discretion! https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/current-status/public-health-directions/face-masks
1-20 of 180 Results