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  1. Brisbane
    I’ve started doing a few minimum fare trips if their only 2-3min away but i have a protocol - 1. Must be only 2-3min away NO MORE 2. Rider MUST be ready waiting or waving me down or it just coast past & hit cancel pressing “rider not wearing mask” button. 3. Rider MUST be in a place where I...
  2. Brisbane
    Its not that hard people - Just tell us where the fuc% their going & how much in the request so we can make calculated business decisions!!
  3. Brisbane
    After multiple people sending multiple emails to fairwork, ACCC & their local member of parliament DIDi has removed driver suspensions for not accepting trips & or canceling. And so they bloody should! DIDi however has still devaluated an already devaluated industry by lowering the minimum fare...
  4. Brisbane
    🤥 It seems after all these years of Rideshare apps deceiving drivers Ola expects us to all take their word. In the video below Ola tells us it’s “family” to take all trips, don’t cacel & you’ll be well rewarded 🤥! No mention of the purge (opposite of surge, fares go down in price depending on...
  5. Brisbane
    Ubers business model is deception, it circles itself around tricking drivers & riders. Without the ugly deceit it wouldn’t exist! PoolChance deceives riders into thinking they are going to get a cheap fare when chances are they wont, Its a gamble... You can bet drivers will be getting tricked...
  6. Melbourne
    https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/scott-morrison-says-australia-will-remain-shut-off-to-the-world-indefinitely/news-story/38da4e3b62dd8ad42bc3c44bb7b1f0cc Earliest opening would be in Mid-2022.
  7. Melbourne
  8. Perth
    Not only are you guys on the lowest rates in the country but you must now fork out for an approved camera!! https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/On-demandTransport/camera-surveillance-units.asp
  9. Melbourne
    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/22/the-worst-electric-vehicle-policy-in-the-world-automotive-coalition-pans-victorias-ev-tax Victoria seems hellbent on imposing an unfair tax on electric car drivers (including myself). I’m glad to see Uber step up to the plate to challenge the...
  10. Brisbane
    If DIDi wants to avoid cancellations then they need to put the quote amount in the request also. Making drivers accept a job before seeing a quote is in direct disagreement with QLD contract worker fairness laws. If Uber deactivates or punishes drivers for cancellations they two are in direct...
  11. Sydney
    1. You HAVE to show drivers the destination location when you send out pings. We don't get this in Sydney (NSW, Australia). 2. Fix the app lag and response issues. 3. Use an arrow for the car when navigating, not a circle. 4. Your GPS locator for address input is poor, not accurate at all...
  12. Melbourne
    i am looking for a standard employment... just wanted to confirm how obtaining a Police Check can help me in getting the job
  13. Articles
    Here we are again, on the other side of Thanksgiving, and barrelling towards Christmas. What better gift for the holidays than sarcastic Uber Drivers telling their passengers what's what. This another entry in our regular series of articles that dives into the 'Golden Thread' of UP.NET (from...
  14. Adelaide
    A high school student is among four new coronavirus cases in South Australia. I am assuming that nobody is picking up passengers from Hospitals and based on Adelaide Airport Queues, most of you have stopped picking up passengers from the airport. But did you know that Uber and Ola have...
  15. Australia
    Hi everyone. So my Uber account was rejected and I called them for finding reason behind it. They said there is two accounts under your name(there is not to best of my knowledge). They said give us a few days and we will sort it out. Today I went to my Uber Driver app and opened "document"...
  16. Sydney
    https://amp.smh.com.au/business/workplace/uber-eats-driver-sacked-for-being-10-minutes-late-seeks-tribunal-appeal-20191115-p53b2f.html Uber Eats driver sacked for being 10 minutes late seeks tribunal appeal By Anna Patty November 18, 2019 - 12.00am A sacked Uber Eats delivery worker will on...
  17. Sydney
    13% commission for new drivers, up from 5%. Weekly quests that increase based on your performance. Any Newcastle drivers have any feedback?
  18. Technology
    Anyone know how to fix this on an Android? The Uber driver app keeps switching off my WiFi connection on my phone. This happens a few times a day including overnight when I am at home with strong WiFi connection, don't have the app open nor my phone...as I'm asleep. How can I stop this from...
  19. News
    https://thewest.com.au/news/transport/why-an-uber-ride-is-set-to-cost-more-ng-b881145176z.amp Uber is refusing to absorb the cost of a 10 per cent tax on rides - saying customers can pay. Despite continued pressure from the WA Government for Uber not to increase its fares, the company says it...
  20. Melbourne
    Hey Guys! I just wanna know whether I can register for Uber Eats to deliver by car with my Overseas driver's license. If I cant, can I still register for bicycle and then use my car for delivery? Thanks in advance!
1-20 of 108 Results