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  1. Australia
    When I was in Auckland in New Zealand recently, I noticed that they have in the CBD zones for ‘small PSVs’ in addition to separate taxi zones. PSVs are ‘passenger service vehicles’ and include rideshare vehicles. The PSV zones were all over the city in every major street and were long enough...
  2. Advice
    Hello, I went to Uber Auckland office today get myself activated. I asked the support staff to create me two separate vehicle profiles for UberX and UberEats. Although, they have created two profiles, one for UberEats only and the other one is for UberX and UberEats combined. The thing is...
  3. UberEATS
    Hello, I am going to start delivering for ubereats in Auckland. I have two cars which me and my wife use without any preference. Although both cars are eligible for ubereats, the question I want to ask is whether I can register with one car but can also deliver using the other car occasionally...
  4. Wellington, NZ
    Has anyone noticed Uber making drivers unavailable after ignoring a single request, cancelling a ride or simply logging off then back on within a few minutes? There is also no notice you simply stop getting requests and your icon is not on the rider app.
1-4 of 4 Results