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  1. Complaints
    HI Guys, Just to let you know. Ive been with Uber for over 2 years. Profile rating is 4.97, (7000+ rides). Always drives safely and behaves positive and professional. I was Temporarily suspended 7 weeks ago. No reason, No one was able to tell me what happened. Just suspended while im being...
  2. Brisbane
    hi everyone!. since i have signed up to driver, the app has never allowed me to go online. it comes up with a message 'your account needs attention'. Now, my issues is with the support team. I have allow my documents perfect and the support has clarified on 4 different phone calls that its all...
  3. San Juan, Puerto Rico
    I 've recently started to work with UBER and now I am trying to go online but once I ve click the driver app a message appears and says my account needs attention , contact support.. I have disappointed with this decision at least they had to send me a message to let me know what happend and...
  4. New York City
    what is better for me Making my 2016 Honda Accord as a TLC vehicle(uber) Or keep working as a yellow cab driver ..? (weekends only) In 20, a student, working part-time and I do have to think about the insurance of the car and maintainance too ..!
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    For my last trip, the rider complaint about something which I don't have a clue and the account was on hold. Got an email from Uber customer support they are further gathering information and one of the local rep will contact me. What are your suggestions? Thanks for the help and time.
1-5 of 5 Results