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  1. Old School Dual Line Telephone on AT&T U-verse VIOP

    You see with a phone like this you can make conference calls and the last person to join has no idea that there is someone else on the call. This even works when dialing into a secure corporate environment with sensors in place to detect third party or three way calls. My mom calls me a lot then...
  2. Technology
    Limit your location sharing by these 2 providers. AT&T at: http://www.att.com/cpni/optout Verizon at: http://www.verizonwireless.com/myprivacy/
  3. Washington DC
    I have AT&T family unlimited plan. i just tried to apply for uber employee 20% discount on att support chat and it was PAIN. is there anyone here who already got this discount? if so, pls share how you got this discount? :) Thank you
  4. Seattle
    How to call contacts/riders with Android tablet using AT&T cellular data plan. The tablet can make calls when in wifi, but can't while driving on cell network? Someone said I could use my phone as hot spot, another said there was an app for this, another said ask this form for help! So help p!ease
  5. Chicago
    Reviewing my cell phone bill I realized I am no longer receiving my Uber discount. With AT&T I should be receiving 20% off and 1GB of free data. I have twice registered for the discount and been told I only need to enroll once for a continuous discount but have only seen the discount for 3...
  6. Dallas
    The last Uber map I saw regarding approaching AT&T for drop off was to use Rogers street. It's closed to thru traffic now. I'm bringing people to COLDPLAY tonight. I'll be coming from central Arlington. Think it best to go Park Row to Collins and then north to stadium to enter that drop off...
  7. Advice
    I would like see how Drivers out there are using their wireless rewards (and maybe other rewards). My family has AT&T and it is time to upgrade 2-3 of the 4 phones on our plan so it seems like a good time to consider changing to Verizon. This isn't necessarily a Verizon vs. AT&T as a wireless...
  8. Pittsburgh
    Hey all, I was just wondering what cell phone providers you have found to have good coverage when driving in the city and surrounding areas. Anyone use sprint? What's your experience been?
  9. Tampa
    Does anyone have this 300MB + ulimiteal talk & text for 25$/month + 1 GB/month free plan from At&T? If yes how much do you pay after taxes? I have not been driving from past four five weeks now. but this plan is available for me in my rewards. If I take it from AT&T and not driving Do I still...
1-9 of 9 Results