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  1. Complaints
    Has anyone else being this outage? Making sure I’m not alone. I recently started doing UberEats because my AC hadn’t been working and I’m trying to work around it. I was doing it for 3 weeks and I was making great money because of the surges but then they suddenly stopped. I also haven’t been...
  2. Pay
    Hey so I’m fairly new to driving in Atlanta and I would like to know how much do you average daily driving here? I’m speaking on an 8-12 hour a day schedule.
  3. Atlanta
    Hi, I am a full time driver moving to the Atlanta area soon and I have a few questions. Firstly, what are the Uber/Lyft rates per mile and minute? And how long should I expect to be offline? Also, Is Grubhub any good in ATL? Thanks in advance, James
  4. Atlanta
    https://www.ajc.com/blog/airport/more-travelers-using-uber-and-lyft-fewer-using-taxis-and-airport-parking/NuhPlJwASA3dfi9RLXOcyM/ Since then, Uber and Lyft have continued to grow, with 746,990 pickups at the airport from April to June 2019. During the same period, taxis at the airport had just...
  5. Atlanta
    I've been reading on this and other forum pages that many Uber drivers do not accept "poo" requests. My (possibly ignorant) question is this: how do you do that? For me, at least, X and Pool requests look the same until I arrive at the destination to pick up the rider and the app tells me to...
  6. Atlanta
    What’s up y’all? In the next few months, I’ll be moving to Atlanta from Baltimore and I’m curious about how much money I can make on St. Patrick’s Day. In Baltimore, I’ve made almost $300 and it’s the best day of the year to work Uber, but I’m curious about Atlanta?
  7. Advice
    Quest 1 notification: 14 hour quest from 12 pm 11/25 to 2 am 11/26. $6 per pickup at Hartsfield. Quest 2 notification received on 11/25 at 7 p.m.: From 8 p.m. until 11/26 at 2 a.m. $6 to be added to every trip that was completed during this time. The Quest tracker provided in the app did not...
  8. Atlanta
    What’s up, y’all!? I’m a Uber driver in Baltimore and planning to move to Atlanta in Spring 2019. I’ve never lived in Atlanta and I’m curious about how much money I could make in 5 hours?
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    if your driver has neck tats expect a stabbing if act up.... https://nypost.com/2018/09/20/uber-driver-arrested-in-stabbing-of-drunk-puking-rider-cops/ https://nypost.com/2018/09/20/uber-driver-arrested-in-stabbing-of-drunk-puking-rider-cops/
  10. Advice
    The app has been janky all day with 5x surge but now I can't log on .
  11. Flex
    Anyone else in the ATL having issues finding blocks on a consistent basis? I started delivering at the beginning of May, and that first Friday I received 2 reserved blocks for the following week. I accepted both. Since then I’ve not seen any reserved blocks. I have, however, been able to find a...
  12. Atlanta
    The last 2 times my trip ended in Atlanta I left the app on. The pools started hitting. I did not accept and went to my options. X/pool was the ONLY OPTION..(b4 that, I had the option of X, pool, and eats)......I turned it OFF and got the hell out of there....fast... Is POOL MANDATORY? I was...
  13. News
    https://amp.cbs46.com/story/38133714/uber-driver-arrested-after-turning-in-phone Published: May 7, 2018 A metro Atlanta Uber driver said a passenger left a cell phone in her car. "When I found the phone, being that the office is so far, I normally wait until I get a collection of things...
  14. Atlanta
    I called the city occupation/business license place and got 3 answers. One said no, one said maybe another said to ask uber. Do you guys who just drive for uber have a business license in Atlanta?
  15. Atlanta
    For a bunch of folks who hate complaining, these Cobb County bumpkins sure do know how to complain A LOT, now the head of Cars for Cobb County is leaving because .... lol... he's just too stressed out! Cobb transportation director Jim Wilgus resigns citing 'stress issue'...
  16. Advice
    So I picked up a car and I need to go to another location can they transfer all payment and info or do I need to return and get a refund and then do so
  17. Stories
    Just one night of action, people would be mind blown at what we see in any given regular week! :D:D:D:po_O
  18. UberEATS
    So in Atlanta it typically takes me 8 hours to hit 100 on a weekday and about 7 hours to hit that on the weekend. That may not seem that bad, but the way Atlantas metro is setup you put serious miles just to get to that point...
  19. Atlanta
    I used to get a lot of them when I first started in Atlanta but I only get uberx promos. Nice to see hourly guarantees but I'm not holding my breath for that
  20. Lyft
    In the middle of the biggest surge of the night, while drivng 3 tipsy PAX to the Havana Club Martini Bar in Buckhead, I notice that the Lyft app all of a sudden goes offline. What?! I don't know what to do, so I turn it back on, well, IMMEDIATELY I get bombarded with Ride Requests. One after...
1-20 of 142 Results