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  1. Atlanta
    Does anybody in Atlanta do Uber Select? Where is the best place to do it?
  2. Atlanta
    Hello my fellow Uber members . I usually do Uber on the weekends . I had a very unfortunate situation happen to me and my family where my sister was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident in New York . I need to do as much rides as I can so I can send up for the arrangements. Does...
  3. Atlanta
    I drove for the first time today and had a question about the fare. Online uberx says minimum fare is $6.75. I noticed today many of my riders were charged $5 and then uber fee was $1.25 so I got $3.75. Is this normal? I don't see where the $1.75 difference is coming from? Thank you for any...
  4. Atlanta
    It's been a very slow week for me. Ive gotten a lot of bad luck trips too. I went out earlier and made $17 off 2 trips in 2.5 hours. The worst part is I put 50 miles on my car. Hopefully tonight is better. I need to make at least $70 tonight and $70 tomorrow to be on pace for my weekly average...
  5. Atlanta
    Hey guys! I am a driver in Charlotte and I want to move back to The ATL area is the market over saturated? is driving in ATL a good choice? I've lived here for 2 years previously Thank you for your time
  6. Atlanta
    So recently uber eats was expanded to Roswell and alpharetta. Living in Woodstock, I figured that location was more doable. I sure wasn't going to drive ITP just to deliver. Today it was expanded into Marietta and parts of kennessaw which is great news. I honestly prefer delivery because the...
  7. Atlanta
    This person can't be a real driver based off his posts and responses
  8. Atlanta
    Just introducing myself to the community here. Im originally from Brooklyn, NY. Been in Atlanta for about 6 years but travelled back and forth alot in the first few, so I feel like im brand new here. Anyway hello everyone, hope to meet cool people and learn some things about the city and...
  9. Atlanta
    Do any of u guys work on Sundays? There never seems to be many drivers so pings seem to be 20 minutes away. Also it seems like not many people request rides on Sunday. The most money I've made on a Sunday so far is like $50. And that's being online off and on throughout the day.
  10. Atlanta
    Everyday, it is becoming more and more evident that I am Uber's flunky. Uber shows their drivers 0 appreciation. Even over the holidays, they could not find it in themselves to increase their rates to resemble somewhat of a holiday bonus for their drivers or add a tip option to their app. Last...
1-12 of 12 Results