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  1. Salt Lake City
    Hi folks. I've posted this type of thread before in other community sections as well as in the general advice section, so some of you might recognize me if you frequent those. I am coming to SLC in may (All the way from Canada) to attend RPG Limit Break. If I need an Uber, how many of you would...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi. I was hoping you guys could give me some advice. I'm the blind passenger who posted a couple of weeks ago asking about assistance to/from the Elgin theatre. Anyway, I came to Toronto this past Friday night for a screening of 'Boy Erased', which is in very limited release and only playing in...
  3. New York City
    I'm a reporter working on a story on Uber and wheelchair accessibility in NYC. I haven't seen many drivers at all quoted in stories about this topic so I'm really hoping to get input from some of you and hear your perspective. I would love to hear from drivers who have driven with Uber WAV or...
  4. Boston
    Last night I turn on app around 5. First pickup is a guy Roberto or something in Newton going to South End. On the sidewalk he has a table saw (wrapped in plastic), a compressor, bag of dirty clothes and 2 vinyl bags of wood stains and assorted junk. I let him load the trunk, begrudgingly. We...
  5. Advice
    I am new, one month in. I was invited to get into the ASSIST RIDE...Door To Door. Is this a waste of my time being that you are helping folks and miing out on UX rides? Old people may be angry at the world and give you a 1*, others feeling entitled due to their situation, or am I over thinking...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    The majority of WAV vehicles, I know of, are operated by Taxi companies.
  7. London
    Anyone done the training and driving uber assist in London? They are just about to launch this in Brum and not sure wether I want to be part of it or not. Is their many pings for this service I imagine not... The only reason I really am contemplating doing this is; they are paying us to go...
  8. Washington DC
    Heard of a new platform starting soon in D.C. it's for handicapped/disabled. No need for special ramps, drivers will be specially trained. The incentive will be higher SRF and more work for the driver since you must assist passenger from wheelchair and into car, then fold chair and load into trunk.
1-8 of 8 Results