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  1. Chatter
    It's time for a new game that I hope catches on. It's called Guess That Image! Or possibly "What The **** Is That Thing?" I decided to start with a poll to make it interesting.
  2. New Jersey
    I was waiting in New Brunswick and got Lyft XL request from Hilton hotel. When I got there to pick up pax and first thing I saw there were 7 pax’s and I thought it wasn’t going to be a pleasant ride. So, I got there and a women (white Spanish inbreed) opened my car front pax side door and...
  3. Washington DC
    So, I was driving for Lyft today and this happened... I dropped someone off in VA Seminary Road and was headed back to DCA. My GPS fell off from the mount while driving on I395 going to DC from VA...my GPS mount fell from the holder while driving. I was on middle Lane. I hit the signal looked...
  4. Complaints
    So this piece of human waste was on a Toronto radio saying that "Uber is an experience and that You Don't Need/shouldn't Tip". The host then emphasised on the tip portion and repeated " There you go. You don't need to tip your driver. " He was on 99.9 FM which is owned by the Virgin group...
1-4 of 5 Results