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  1. Boston
    Do folks get that predatory asshole who abuses the pool system by using it for a long distance trip to a remote destination? Had a guy start a pool in Boston that took me out to Reading at 10PM. On top of that, it was JUST HIM. No other people. Is this preventable?
  2. Phoenix
    Anyone els having the same problem ? I still keep getting drunk Paxx that are getting away from putting the destination in. Those A holes haven't updated the app and like to play GPS game and get mad at me for making a wrong turn ... You chicky Fuc*s :D
  3. Phoenix
    **** heads get in compliment what nice car I have 5 min later. They light a joint thinking I wouldn't notice the smell or smoke. I give them props for rolling the windows down! Told them to **** off and of course once again Old Town
  4. Complaints
    Last week, my weekly rating was 4.61. My average dropped to 4.78. It's still pretty ****in high but not for uber. I have no idea why! I kiss all of my fares asses and I know I didn't rate many people badly and the lowest rating I did give out was one "three star". It sucks to know that these...
1-4 of 4 Results