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  1. Minneapolis
    http://www.kare11.com/mobile/article/news/crime/busted-state-patrol-arrests-370-over-st-patricks-weekend/89-529786113 BUSTED! STATE PATROL ARRESTS 424 OVER ST. PATRICK'S WEEKEND The patrol says that from Friday evening through early Monday, 424 motorists were arrested for driving under the...
  2. News
    "As a reminder, Uber has been operating since mid-April without a permit or tax-identification number, which has led to numerous lawsuits by taxi unions. City officials have issued multiple injunctions attempting to bring its service to a halt. And credit card companies have been blocked from...
  3. News
    Uber has suspended operations along with Careem Networks ( a middle Eastern competitor) Several drivers from both companies have been arrested . The Saudi Sovereign Wealth fund had just invested $3.5 billion dollars into Uber as of June 1. Up to 50...
1-3 of 4 Results