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  1. Stories
    I have listened to my riders and I have to say something. Our local public transportation charges over twice what we do for the same trip. Our local taxi companies charge a higher fare than we do by destination. Neither transportation options allow any typ of call ahead arrangements. If anyone...
  2. San Antonio
    I'm an Army Vet driving while completing an online MBA program and its going okay. I've been driving for Lyft about a week and my background was just cleared by Uber(should be driving in a few days). Lyft has been good and I've received tips on 95% of my rides. Still trying to find good spots...
  3. Stories
    Hi, I'm new to posting but have been a avid reader for the past month or so. So last night (New years eve) I had 2 military passengers (Army) who requested a ride from Waikiki and wanted to go to Schofield barracks; which is roughly a 25 mile, 45 minute drive. I usually prefer the longer rides...
1-3 of 3 Results